06 November 2006

Every Saturday you see me window shopping...

So I finished reading Breakfast of Champions. Highly recommend it of course.

Now it's on to Voltaire's Zadig, and I think I have about 20 pages to go.

Not sure about the next book to finish. Probably my Martin Amis.

And here is something else...

My son when he was younger had what was considered speech delay. He had a therapist for a good 6 months last year and talks non-stop now. Bless him.

The funny thing is he says things that just blow us away.

Yesterday morning his dad asked him what he was thinking about and he said rather matter of factly "Life".

Life? What does a 4 year old have to think about life for? I'm afraid I have an old soul for a son. I just hope I can lead him to his correct path.


JC said...

Life? That's pretty funny!

Margaret said...

deep thoughts about life are difficult to express with a 4 year old vocabulary, there's no telling what going on in his head.

paintergirl said...

jc-I can't wait to show him the game of LIFE. Maybe he won't take the game as seriously as I have. I'm still thinking they are going to throw mw in the poor house.

Margaret-Who knows right? He asked the dog what she was thinking about and he told me she said Life as well. Moments later he came back to tell me that she wasn't telling him anything else.( I guess I should be relieved)

acumamakiki said...

when i was about 5 years old, i used to think about the world, us dying and then the world continuing on and it terrified me. i used to think of it as my black hole thoughts and wouldn't let my brain go there when i was older and could control it more.

marybishop said...

PG - fear not, his old soul will most likely lead you to your correct path.

Although I don't believe in the supernatural, there are some children who are born with a presence, a depth, an almost magical understanding of the world that amazes me.

Sounds like your son is one of them!

Lilly said...

Do not worry -- his mind is working [that's good!] and he's starting to take in and trying to make sense of the bizarre place he's landed: this world. I think it's really cute actually.

PG, with you and M. as his parents, he's a lucky wee chap :-)

paintergirl said...

Kiki-what a scary place the world is to a child. It's hard as adults too, but dying,that upset me too. My mom would find me in my room crying because I was scared of dying.

Mary-I hope I'm on the right path. I wonder though. The little man has a very kind heart and understanding of animals.

Lilly-He get's these vacant stares and we say-he's having a baby moment. I used to have them as a child, thinking, I'll always remember this moment, and I have.
And I certainly hope we are good. I'll acept fairly decent.

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