16 November 2006

Isn't everybody dreaming...

In preparation for the Thanksgiving week that will soon be upon us, I wanted to share something with my blog friends. Kind of a tradition that I would like to start.

A few years back my husband rented "The Last Waltz". It is the last concert by The Band given on Thanksgiving in 1976,San Francisco. I have always liked Dylan in a quiet way. And The Band was HIS backup band. Part of the whole electric guitar period that a lot of people hated, called Dylan a traitor. Anyway...

So I never paid much attention to "the Band" I always wrote them off because they sounded too country, just too something that I didn't like. Then I saw "The Last Waltz".

You have to see these guys perform, to see them play with their whole soul. And being a farewell concert, all of their friends show up to play songs with them. It really is a nice thing to see, and perhaps one of you out there will be a converted Band fan too. The lyrics and the history and of course what has happened to them all play a huge part in the emotion of hearing them.

I've said it a million times before but let me say it again, everytime, and I mean everytime I hear "Whispering Pines" with Richard Manuel I cry. This song breaks my heart.

I wanted to find a good picture taken from the Last Waltz, but there was none as touching as this.

This was taken in Paris 1966. Dylan was getting pretty mad at this point in the tour because of all the booing. He wanted the flag hung up, and Ric Danko is walking behind him. Ric wrote "Wheels on Fire" with Dylan. I especially love the Fragile-handle with care in the corner.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of head-spinny today, but I'm not sure what radition you're starting?

paintergirl said...

It's the Band man! If I listen to music that makes me cry, makes me think of the sad demise of some of these bandmates, who were so talented, for a moment I'm not thinking about myself. And that heals me.

Am I really sounding insane Margaret?

JC said...

I wish I could have seen Dylan back in those days. There was an old Dylan song over the credits of something I watched on TV the other day, and it reminded me how much different he sounded back then.

Anonymous said...

Nope, thinking of others is a good Thanksgiving tradition.

acumamakiki said...

My husband would cry tears of joy if I'd suggest something like this. No thank you ma'am. This is where I get off the bus ~ my dad listened to this music and while I like it, I don't rock out to this genre simply because it's like Louis Prima for the older set. You like the songs but you're not reaching for it when you go to listen.
I can't wait to start playing that Xmas CD you made last year with my favorite Waitresses song. (=

paintergirl said...

jc-wouldn't that have been nice? When he first started and then up until the early 70's. His pod cast is funny-he sounds so grizzled.

margaret-I'm glad, I wonder sometimes.

kiki-you are so funny! and I was in the EXACT frame of mind as you are. Really! I would never ever listen to The Band. Then I saw the Last Waltz. It was very unexpected. I never liked Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons either.

I forgot about the cd. I love that Waitress song too-I love al those songs. I can't wait either.

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