05 October 2006

You know I don't talk much...except to myself

I dragged out some old Roxy Music today and that particular song that I've quoted above "A Really Good Time" is me in every sense. Just for today I imagine. There is a line, "All your troubles come from yourself", oh I could go on and on today...

I am pretty sure that I saw the Monarch Butterflies leave on their migration 2 days ago. It was a sunny and warm day, right before a big storm on Wednesday night. I always look for this huge swarm in the sky, but it was more like a few here and there. A bit like follow the leader. I checked on a migration chart, and for our area in New York, 3rd October is the last day for them to leave-and that was the day I saw them.

I'll leave you with this painting I did today of some poppies.


acumamakiki said...

I like the poppies. My butterfly never became anything, just a dried up chrysalis of brown. I didn't even know butterflies migrated. Would they mind taking the spiders with them?

marybishop said...

Love the poppies...looks like a mother and child poppy. I've seen more butterflies this year than I can remember in the past, but I've never seen a migration...how cool!

paintergirl said...

Thanks Kiki!I was so hoping your butterfly was going to pop out and you would tell me it's a beautiful... Oh well. Yeah the monarchs migrate to mexico for the winter. There is also supposed to be a huge area in cali where the eucalyptus trees are that the butterflies love. I would love to see that. and the spiders...why oh why do they have to migrate into the house?

mary-a mother and child, that's so sweet. maybe I shouldn't tell anyone that they are dead poppies. I told melvin and he was a bit thrown off. I really love the look about flowers when they have lost their petals. They take on a different persona. Can flowers have personas?

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