10 October 2006

The only boy who could ever teach me ...

A very nice mother/son collaborative piece on the kitchen wall. It's called Cars In Forest. I love that the little man is beginning to draw with more enthusiasm.

I'm kind of busy here because my mom is visiting. So forgive me if I'm not around very much.


marybishop said...

I love Cars in Forest!!! So cute that you and your son are making art together. What a gift you give each other.

Enjoy your mom's visit and see you when you have time.

PS Does your mother also have artistic talents? If so, you could do a three generation piece.

RitaPita said...

I just noticed your About Me. How long has that been there?


I love it.

Lilly said...

Oooh! That is SO brilliant, PG! You and the wee man are more than welcome to stop by any time to decorate my walls :-)

Hope things are good with your mum -- I was thinking of her the other week, but I never got round to actually asking how she's keeping. Sorry. Busy busy busy -- hardly an acceptable excuse......

Hope you'll enjoy her stay there.

acumamakiki said...

I love this! I've been thinking I should spray a chalkboard wall in our basement/playroom that still hasn't come to fruition. Good inspiration. Enjoy your visit with mama.

Lilly said...

You can SPRAY -- spray -- a chalkboard wall? Awesome like!

acumamakiki said...

You can. Chalkboards come in a can nowadays!

Lilly said...

Acu, that's brilliant! I want one too; a sprayable one that is :-D

Malermadchen --> Shouldn't it be with umlaut? As in: Malerm├Ądchen.....?

Your Danish name would be: Malerpigen.

paintergirl said...

Terribly sorry everyone. You would think I could get a little extra time when my mom is here. It's been quite the opposite.

Mary-My mom is in no way artistic. In fact she is fairly disgusted with me being a painter. I really cars too-it makes me smile when I see it.

rita-I looked in my site index and found someone translated my entire blog into german and that was my name. Isn't that funny?

Lilly-Of course I wanted to draw some nature scene, and the man is obessed with cars or cats. Mom is sort of ok. She cries off and on, saying things like she'll never get over it. And if you think about it, she really doesn't have to. She needs to move on, but it has foreer changed her. Thank you dear for asking. Oh and the name-it is with a umlaut, I'm just retarded and don't know the key command.

kiki-You should really think about painting a wall. It is such a nice release. I didn't know it could be sprayed on either. Ours is in a paint can.

RitaPita said...



There is a message for you in my recent blog post.

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