29 September 2006

What you doin' on your back...

Today my son said to me-"Mom I want you to come into my room and see what I found."
And from the back of his closet he pulled out the record player.

This is exactly what you think it is. It's a Fisher Price record player from the 70's.
This was not mine. My mom got rid of mine years ago. I never had a little kid one. Pretty sure I had my sister's hand me downs. I found this on ebay about 7 years ago and it works really well.

Now Melvin has told me not to play anything really good on it, so...

My son then said, "Let's play something on it."

Well of course, that's what having your own record player is all about.

So we raced downstairs in hopes of finding some 45's.

We found Melvin's very nice collection. The MonoMen,Robyn Hitchcock,XTC. This would not do. I had to find my records that no longer had sleeves and were a little jacked up already.

Those were in the basement.

And what did my son hear for the very first time ever on his record player?

Car Wash by Rose Royce
You Should Be Dancing by The Bee Gees
Born To Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez

and lastly

The Star Wars theme, which made me start singing like Bill Murray and brought the whole dance party to a crashing halt.

Yes these were all of mine from when I was about 9. I even wrote my name on the Bee Gees record. In defense, these all made great songs to skate to. To this day I will drop everything and dance to the Bee Gees.


Lilly said...

PG: I am sitting here going 'wwooooowww' in my head, trying to think of something to write in response to your post -- words simply do not suffice! :-D

Hang on -- let me at least try with one word: AWESOME!

acumamakiki said...

You are one cool mama PG! I love that record player. My sister and I had one similiar and we loved that thing to death.

paintergirl said...

Lilly-My little man is an official music fan now. I actually heard him humming Car Wash this morning. Now I have to be more careful what I listen to. We heard a Squeeze song, and he asked me, "did they say 'Get your gun?'" No more Repo Man soundtrack for me.

Kiki-I'm surprised at how well it plays. Am I terrible to not have kid records?

Lilly said...

Oh aye, that's true, PG -- I guess he's reached an age where he's quite 'receptive' [can you say that...I mean, does it make sense in this context?]. Now is the time to let the wee man listen to some Sex Pistols! ;-P

paintergirl said...

oi the Sex Pistols! That would pose a great problem wouldn't it. I could just picture him in pre-school singing-"It's an ABORTION". But he sings songs in such a sweet little boy way too.

Alan said...

I've got an old 78 of "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" kicking around somewhere at home with a few other records of his....unfortunately no record player with a 78 setting to play it on, as my grandad's 1900s gramophone got thrown out years ago by one of my stupid uncles. When I was younger I used to spend ages looking down the speaker horn when the music was playing trying to see something...

Lilly said...

LOL @ Alan :-D I wonder which of your uncles that was!

paintergirl said...

Alan-A gramaphone?! Wowie very cool to have grown up with one of those around. Sad that you don't have it. Knowing me, I would have been stuffing all sorts of toys in the horn. Hey do any record players have a 78 speed? I have to go check ours.

Lilly said...

Alan probably knows more about these technical details than me. However, I was given an old [probably 60?] Bang & Olufsen record player from an elderly lady some years ago. As far as I recall, it had a 78 speed option too.....it's not working though and it's sat in the basement cupboard for years now since we cannot afford to get it fixed. At present.

FreeThinker said...

Wow, brings back old memories. I still have a bunch of 45s. Gotta dust them off and make a party out of playing them!

paintergirl said...

Lilly-Bang & Olufsen? That must look pretty cool. I looked them up. One day you'll be able to fix it.

Freethinker-Long time. Wasn't it such a great thing to have 45's? It was so cheap and such a treat to go to the record store and buy your favorite song. I miss that.

Lilly said...

Yup -- B&O; very expensive and famous Danish stuff.

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