23 October 2006

I was working in the lab, late one night...

The longest meme ever and it's from acumamakiki.

When was the last time you shaved? last night

What were you doing this morning at 8am? I was cleaning the house in case a realtor called to show someone our lovely abode. It's a pain in the ass really because you have to keep your house so clean and tidy as if the Queen were going to show up.

And 15 minutes ago? Took my dog's fluffy bed outside so she could lay in the sun.

Are you any good at math? I used to be.

Your prom night? I went to my senior prom with the boy I loved when I was in the first grade.. His mom was our art teacher in grade school and I think she was a big influence on me.

Do you have any famous ancestors?Not so much. I have relatives that were pilgrims and soldiers in all the US wars but no one famous.

Have you ever taken out a loan to pay for school? Yes.

Last thing you received in the mail? A check from Spain that I had to sign for. It was kind of cool. Someone bought an old concert tee.

How many different beverages have you drunk today? Hot water and lemon (cleans the body) coffee, orange juice.

Do you ever leave messages on other people's machines? All the time.

Do you draw your name in the sand when your on the beach? I usually do my initials

What's the most painful dental procedure you've had? Root canal when I was 8.

What is out your back door? A red colored deck, then a stone patio below, then a very perfectly lovely British garden with 2 Japanese Maples.

Any plans for Friday night? Pizza, beer and a movie. At home.

Do you like what the ocean does to your hair? I miss it really.

Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different kinds of popcorn for Christmas? No

Have you ever been to a planetarium? Are you kidding, I'm the biggest nerd, of course I have.

Do you re-use towels after you shower?Again, are you kidding. I am not one to use and then suddenly it's dirty.

Some things you're excited about? Moving

What is your favorite flavor of Jello? Cherry.

Are any of your grandparents alive? No.

Where do you keep your change?Coins in my purse are in a Hello Kitty change purse I found in San Francisco. In the house, if it's loose, it's snagged by my 4 year old. Otherwise, it goes in a pink pig.

When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people? I can't remember.

What kind of winter coat do you have? Black pea coat.

What was the weather like on the day you graduated? High school or college. It was very sunny and warm for HS(we graduated at Sea World) then college it was cold and crisp December.

Do you sleep with the door to your bedroom open or closed? Winter closed, summer open.

8 Lasts.

* last kiss. This morning
* last beverage. coffee
* last movie watched. Cache
* last phone call. Husband
* last CD played. Weezer
* last 'i love you'. This morning
* last time you cried. Yesterday
* last alcoholic beverage. Last night-Whiskey and seltzer.

6 have you evers.....

* dated someone twice. Nope.
* been cheated on. No
* kissed someone. Yes-I love kissing. I would have been great in the 1950's when everyone kissed.
* kissed someone you regret. yes
* been depressed. comes and goes.
* been drunk and thrown up. Painfully yes

6 things you've done today.

* Ate cinnamon toast with my boys
* started christmas list
* Filed some bills
* wrote to do list
* made beds
* got dressed

4 places you've lived.

Orlando F-L-A

Gainesville, Fl

Atlanta, Georgia

Norwalk, Conn

3 favorite colors.

Dark Brown, orange, ceruelen blue. Really tons I could go on and on.

2 things to do before you die.

Travel the world, and have a retrospective(twice)

Q & A

Is there one person who is on your mind right now? Absolutely

Where is the last place you went? Indian restaurant and picked up lunch

Who is the last person who called you? Husband

Do you have any siblings? 2 sisters. One died earlier this year.

Do you smile often? I do. I have smile lines to prove it, and I hate that.

Do you think someone is thinking of you right now? Probably

Do you wish on stars? Always.

Whose bed did you sleep in last night? What? I'm not some kind of playa!

What color shirt are you wearing? Red turtleneck

Do you have any pets? Black lab, black cat, and a catfish

What color are your bed-sheets? White

What were you doing last night at 9pm? Reading a magazine called Nylon and this issue is all about LA.

I can't wait until.....

13th Wedding anniversary which is the day before Halloween.

Look to your right, what is there? record albums to sell on ebay

Ever cried yourself to sleep?I have, but it's been a very long time ago.

Songs that make you cry. There are about half a dozen songs on Pet Sounds that really gets me. Hearing some songs and I know that the singer is dead depresses me and makes me cry.

Has anyone thrown you a surprise party? No. I secretly wish for one.

Are you easily excited? Not so much.

What event is coming up that you're excited about? halloween

If you won a million bucks, what would your first thoughts be? Now I can buy that red corvair that's for sale down the street.

If you could have anything right now, what would it be? True happiness

What was your last dream?we were vacationing in LA.

Do any of your dreams come true? Sometimes-it's that whole deja vu thing

What was the weirdest dream you've ever had? Andy Warhol told me I was going to marry that decade.

Do you usually remember your dreams? Sometimes


marybishop said...

Gee, I thought maybe I'd make your list as the craziest dream...remember? This was an interesting list and long...but completely enjoyable when you really like the person who did the list!!!

paintergirl said...

I'm still trying to get used to your pic Mary-it's still shocks me.

You are so nice-this list is crazy crazy long.

acumamakiki said...

...she did the mash, she did the monster mash!! Funny that you titled this post with this, because Johnny Vatos (oingo boingo drummer) was the headliner on Friday and along with doing a lot of OB songs, they also did the above song which is why I could so easily pick the song!

Loved your answers, not loving that you're moving soon ~ sigh.

paintergirl said...

kiki-hands down that is my favorite halloween song. see and I was really at that concert in spirit.

oh the move and the house. what a terrible thing...what a terible time to sell, but I so want to leave this town.

marybishop said...

I'm here to give you a hug!

Also, when are you moving? Are your plans all set? It is a crazy picture of me, but I'm sort of disguised which is what I wanted to be for some people....hpblo

paintergirl said...

Thanks Mary- I really needed that hug! Today has not been so great.I told my husband the other night that I'm really setting myself up for a depressing winter if things don't change.

We had a family make an offer and it went back and forth. They would take a very LONG time getting back to us. Finally we agreed to a price and then it went days of not hearing a word. BUH. So then they backed out because it was too much money they said. They didn't realize how much it was going to be to enclose the back deck. Oh come on I say. They live on Long Island now, and please do not try to pull one over on me. You can't touch a house under half a million on LI. Please. Our house is very reasonable and nice. I just hate the city.

I hate being tied to a place that I loathe, in a city that doesn't care.

Neil said...

Fun meme! I need to try this hot water and lemon...

paintergirl said...

Hey Neil!! The man in LA. Thank you for stopping by. Oh the hot water and lemon, I swear by it. Drink the water as hot as you can stand it, and using fresh lemons is recommended. Cheers!

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