26 October 2006

I am a traveler of both time and space...

I am much better today. When that dark cloud hits, nothing helps. It's a terrible place to be, and I'm not one to take it lightly because I get very afraid I won't get over it.

Here I am though, did these this afternoon. Painting and being happy with what came out is really nice too. All my studio time should be this productive.

If anyone saw me paint, you'd think I was in this huge rush before the flood.

"I have to finish this one painting and we'll go Noah! Forget the animals, I need that canvas!"


acumamakiki said...

Great colors here PG!

marybishop said...

These are great, but tell me why I feel you need a third one to complete a sort of Triptych? (I just see this in my mind's eye.)

I get very emotionally involved in art. I participate in it like a old guy sitting on the couch telling the football players what to do...hahaha

I love your whimsy and your deep emotion and wonder how you can create such feelings with color and line?

Your work is wonderful, fresh, original and engaging. What a talent...were your parents or grandparents artists or did you find your way to this place all by yourself?

paintergirl said...

hey kiki-the colors are very fall inspired. I have always loved fall colors even when I didn't live in a fall climate.

Dear Mary-I love you take on my work. It makes me happy to get this sort of feedback. The paintings need to rephotographed in the sunlight because even with photosho wonders, they looked washed out.

Up close my husband said they are moody.

A triptych...I think I just might do that. I usually work in pairs, but I could see that. I nver think of my paintings going together, but I like that you see that.

And about my family, I have had to find this on my own. My father was a talented writer, and my uncle was a decent painter, but they both grew up during the depression and had practical, strict parents that never allowed them to dream of doing something creative. My father told me once, and only once (because I come from a very unemotional family) that he believed in me. And really that's all I need.

paintergirl said...
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Margaret said...

It feels good be so into something that drowning animals aren't a problem. Glad you're feeling better.

paintergirl said...

Hi ya Margaret!Normally drowning animals would cause me to have some sort of panic attack, but I feel
I had to use some biblical example because well...it's so unlike me and I couldn't think of anything better than to rush for. And I do rush paint, someone should video tape me because I'm more interesting than Pollack.

marybishop said...

I'm glad you aren't aggravated by my comments. I just blurt out what I'm thinking -- an instant reaction to your art...but it's only one person's feelings or ideas.

Having a dad say he believes in you is great...although my father never said it, I think he felt it...or at least I will tell myself that!

paintergirl said...

mary-I'm sure your dad felt it. Did either of your parents say they believe in you?
Parents don't realize what a huge responsibility they have in raising children.
A manager when they are little, and a couselor when they are older. Both are huge.

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