30 October 2006

The bats have left the belltower...

Here is my very sad copy of Breakfast of Champions. It fell apart on me last night, and today I was putting the final touches on my son's Frakenstein outfit and had the duct tape handy. I'm sure Kurt would approve.

I am committed to finishing the stack of books on my night table. This is the time of year when I think about my New Year's resolutions and think, holy crap I still haven't read all of these books I started about 5 years ago. This is the year I will finish History of Evolution dammit!

Reading breakfast of Champions makes me wonder if my father read it. I wish I could ask him. A very funny thing about this book, one of the main characters owns a Burger Chef, and so did my dad.

Here's a pic of his store.

For a very long time I had an ill conceived idea about what this book was about. One of them had to do with eating a large breakfast. Was it about an athlete? I didn't know, but now I do and I feel I am a little wiser. At least I know the title is about drinking. That's a relief.

I have a very special Halloween post for tomorrow. So please come back.
Thank you
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acumamakiki said...

I love the look of your dad's burger store. Can't say I've ever read Breakfast of the Champions though. My book pile is quite a pile in and of itself and it speaks to me because of my bookclub associations.

paintergirl said...

It was such a pretty store. All glass, with stools around the counter. like an old time soda, hamburger shop. Very cool. The employees even wore all white. Until the late 70's, then everything changed.

Check this book out sometime.

Margaret said...

Huh, I'd never thought about actually tryig to fulfil my New Year's resolutions after February. Kind of brilliant.

JC said...

I loved Breakfast of Champions!

paintergirl said...

margaret-I can't even remember my other resolutions. I just know that one because it's the only one that remains the same. I just noticed today that some other books have crept into my started pile and I have to weed them out. Crazy buggers trying to cut in line.

jc-I just got to the rampage part. I'm in the final stretch!

Lilly said...

Sweet PainterGirl -- I am so behind on your blog at the moment. It's embarrassing!

Breakfast of Champions is one of my most beloved books [Alan even got me two cool 70's style pin badges for my b'day -- one was Breakfast of Champions; the other was Slaughterhouse 5]. I love your worn copy too! Looks good in a cool kind of way. It's a damn good story. I need to read more Vonnegut though -- since I graduated as a student of LITERATURE, I've been terrible at finishing [heck, even starting!] books...it's really bad.

Hey, that photo of your dad's burger bar is awesome! It looks exactly like I picture these American diner/burger/restaurant places [forgive me for not knowing the correct term] - exactly! Like something out of a movie -- and I must remind you that that is what America is to me: something out of a movie because I've never been to America, I've only seen America in the movies.....

paintergirl said...

Lilly-Vonnegut is supposed to be a great guy too. One of my son's teachers met him when she was in school. A couple of fellow classmates looked up his number in the city and he invited them over to his house. He is a master of words and wit. I have his latest.

I love the Burger bar! That's what it should be called. Your idea of what the US looks like is not what it is anymore. there are pockets of this sort of thing around, but it has changed so much. I think if you visited it would be sort of bittersweet. It wouldn't be like how you pictured it, but it would be so different that you might like it too. I'm rambling sorry.

Lilly said...

Forget the email I just sent complaining that blogger wouldn't let me comment -- tada!

I'd imagine that the US has changed just as much as Europe, PG -- too much and too fast. Not necessarily for the better. Alan and I often think we were born too late....a couple of decades anyway!

That's GOOD news about Vonnegut -- so he kicks as much arse as Federman and is as kind towards his readers too! Wow. Always makes me happy to hear those kind of stories.....Vonnegut *is* good! I did an oral exam on Breakfast of Champions some years ago. Apart from that, I've only read his Slaughterhouse 5. But once I get into the swing of the call centre info, I am hoping my brain is fresh enough *after* work for me to read....again....

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