21 September 2006

soon turned out, had a heart of glass

There is a reason why people shouldn't do things for free.

You get jerked around is what happens.

I'm not angry about this, I'm just stating a fact, that in case anyone has a crazy notion of doing anything creative for free, just be sure you know you are going to get screwed.

It all started when I was contacted by a woman who saw my work at the coffeehouse and asked if I could donate a piece to her fundraiser.

Sure. Oh and by the way do you need any design done for invitations and posters?

Oh yes thank you she said.


Well the work was done, and changes after changes were made, and well basically
it doesn't even look like something I would do. Who knows what it's going to look like because the woman hasn't spoken to me since she went to the printers.

Very childish indeed.

I tried doing something like this before and of course it didn't work out.

Why can't people trust creatives to make something look great? Just take that leap of faith, knowing that all will be well. TRUST ME-I know what I'm doing. I have really good ideas.

There is a song I just heard about trying to be a rebel, and trying to be cool, but it's hard when everyone is doing it. Why does everyone think they have a right to say what is a good design or not?

This is a HUGE problem in the design world because everyone and their brother thinks they are qualified. Computers have fooled the masses.

Design has to be taken back. Or maybe it needs to be taken underground and we'll go from there.


acumamakiki said...

I don't do barter for the same reason. I also don't lower my prices although I'm often tempted and even more frequently, I have to hold my tongue with both hands not to blurt out something I'll regret later. I've learned the hard way. Whenever I've lowered my fees or given it for free, a few things happen. The person doesn't respect you and begins to show dis-respect almost immediately. And you as the artist/provider, feel cheated and therefore resentful making the work you love, suddenly a burden.
Now if I do reduce my fees or barter, I'm very very honest about the terms. Sometimes I bristle the other person, but by being very clear, you set the boundaries and then no one is pist. As for art woman, just think of this as an example of why you don't do barter/free/donations. You can donate a piece you already have but if you're going to help someone out. Tell them that they get 1 revision for free and after that, you'll charge them a reduced, hourly fee and site what your regular hourly fee will be.
I can't tell you how many little fee schedules I have, a new list and perimeters for every time that something has had a shitty taste in my mouth after it's all done.

paintergirl said...

Kiki-You know I did this project because some really great things can happen when one does pro bono work, but on the flipside, charities are notorious for being difficult. With that in mind, I still did it, because I really wanted this opportunity.
If I ever decide to do this again, (which may be never) I really like your idea of saying 1 free revision and the rest will cost them a certain amount. That's great, because that way if they bristle and moan about that then you have the opportunity to say I don't think we're meant to work together on this particular job. Thanks!

Herr W said...
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Herr W said...

funny you should mention this with everybody trying at least thinking they can be artists, just saw a movie about this, (norwegian one) i think it has to do with the generation growing up now, where you have all kinds of cannels (on the net) to put out your "art" and this create impression that being an artist is something for everyone despite even wanting to be one can do, putting out things on the net is ofcource a good thing too, but there is allways a downside, ins´t there,
this is an internationl and growing problem i think,
take back the art!


David said...

I totally disagree Herr W. Once upon a time, not that long ago, part of being educated was knowing how to draw and paint. An important source of New Zealand history comes from the drawings and watercolours from explorers, soldiers, and settlers who were competent amateur artists.

paintergirl said...

I can see where both Herr W and David are coming from. Welcome Herr!

Herr-Too me it's too much of everything. A barrage. And it's not all that good. And with design we are forced to see it from ads to commercials to billboards. It's too much crap, and it's ugly. I'll be honest.

Now David-I am so in agreement with you on the part of being an artist and being educated, but my dear friend, that is not what they are teaching the youngsters these days. There is the rare instance where value is the case. No substance. Here in the states it's ALL about who you know, whether your drinking pals or coke friends, whatever. That's the sad state here. I will always be an outsider because of this. And I'm sticking to my guns as they say.

As for the New Zealand art, reminds me of some wonderful art done by early pioneers in our country. Very expressive and unspoiled.

Lilly said...

Hear hear! I don't have much else to say other than I second Herr W and David and PG. Oh, it is indeed a sad state the States are in, PG, if it's who you know etc. But I think you're right and I think it's not just the States. I mean, for crying out loud, we live in a time where idiots like Paris F**king Hilton -- argh -- is a celeb! I am still to figure out WHY?!! Oh no, I am so angry now -- that's what that cow [P. Hilton] does to me. Actually, calling her a cow isn't fair -- on the cows. Unlike Paris, cows are wonderful animals.

paintergirl said...

oh Lilly! Paris Hilton is the worst. Don't get me started. She's talentless, not pretty, but she's worth billions. Who cares? There is so much of that here. So as well as who you know, it's how much money you have. And for that you can have lots of friends around you telling you how GREAT you are. Oh dear I better stop.

And yes I agree, don't call her a cow, because cows are so sweet.

paintergirl said...

Oh and why do people think Kate Moss is so wonderful? See what has happened...it's a vicious cycle Lilly.

Lilly said...

Grrrr..... Vicious circle indeed. Everything you say is so true in my opinion. But then again, money never has been a factor that determined who I am friends with.

Kate Moss: always wondered why the tabloids and the catwalks or whatever keep telling us that she's so gorgeous. She's nothing special to look at. She looks like a fish. No, they are prettier. I like fish. I don't like Kate Moss. Why do I keep comparing all these nasty people to lovely animals? More coffee. For sure.

paintergirl said...

And she's back on the dope, and with her druggie boyfriend. It amazes me that people give her the time of day.

Lilly said...

I agree -- who gives a f**k about idiots like that? Spoiled, that's what they are.

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