26 September 2006

I feel the...earth...move...under my feet

Have you ever been to a grocery store in your neighborhood that is not the greatest store in the world? You know the kind. Produce is not so fresh. You would never dream of buying fish. Even the coffee cake in the bakery is questionable. This is the supermarket you go to only in an emergency. In my case it was juice and pull ups for my son.

Maybe it was my cold that was making me completely dilusional and/or lost and abandoned, but as I was in the checkout aisle, I felt some terribly huge bump under my feet. And in that instant, I imagined that this A & P was on the northeastern fault line and this crack would open up and swallow this very sorry excuse for a store. Me, my gatoraid and diapers would vanish.

*My left foot is not really this disfigured. I drew this in less than a minute. I do not taut myself as Rembrandt, maybe Picasso, but never ever Rembrandt.


RitaPita said...


I have somewhow, recently in the past few weeks aquired a Carole King addiction that has crossed the line from guilty pleasure to obsession. So I of course loved the title of this post.

And ah yes, the grocery store we never really want to go to! For years I was with out a car and the only store with in walking distance was: That Store. Unfortunately, this store had a lot of negatives. It was located in a 'poor' area of town (my side of town!) and because of that, the owners took advantage of their situation. Since many of the area shoppers used food stamps, prices were raised, knowing that they would still sell their goods and that people for the most part had no other option. It was infuriating.

However, they did contunually sell the best oranges in the world.

paintergirl said...

Lovely Rita-
Isn't Carole King the best? Have you ever caught her in Gilmore Girls? I don't think she has ever received the respect she so truly deserves.

Oh and the grocery store. This one is in MY neighborhood too. And what makes it so completely horrible is that it's within spitting distance from the nuclear plant. (one of the reasons why we need to leave)

Hey I never knew that about stores raising prices for food stamp recipients. Terrible. And people wonder why the system doesn't work. Now it makes sense why my store is like that too.

acumamakiki said...

oh girly this is beautiful. being a girl from the west coast, i know that bump and would have recognized it instantly for what it was. i love this piece.

paintergirl said...

Hey kiki-
It's funny because I've never felt an earthquake before, but I always imagine it to be dramatic. I'm also really scared of them, but tornados really scare me. Of course I always have Buffy and the whole hellmouth in my head too. I blame my cold.

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