18 September 2006

Nobody knows...

A new painting that I'm not quite finished with. It's hanging in my son's bedroom because there are no other free walls in the house. That's why I have to sell more so I can paint more. And yet I still paint more...It's terrible. I have cut down on so many personal items, in preparation for the "move" yet I have tons of paintings. i would have a moving van of canvases. Why can't a nice gallery just take all my work so I can move forward?


RitaPita said...

*Graciously offers to take a few paintings off of your hands*


Rose said...

Moving? have I missed something? I probably have, because I've been a bad bad blogger and am trying now to catch up with everyone's news. Does that mean you have found another town to move to? Another house?

I love the painting, dear PG. The colours - I could dive into that water. so cool and clear.

acumamakiki said...

is the move iminent? i didn't realize that the plan was underway, thought it more a plan for the future.......
i love the colors in this painting and think that it should stay exactly where it is, in your son's room!

marybishop said...

I love the painting and the painting behind the painting...more on the move, how soon will it be? Make sure you have your computer connections all set and ready to go so we won't have to miss you for long.

Ritapita is that really you????

paintergirl said...

Oh yes-to everyone. The move is undetermined, but we just put the house up for sale last friday. With the housing market slow, it could take awhile, but we are weeding through our stuff.

rita-I'll have my paintings up soon on a website so people can see everything, and maybe want to buy. ? Maybe?

Rose-well I know you have been busy. It's ok. I haven't really talked about it too much because our neighborhood has gone from bad to worse. It depresses me to talk about it. Our house is lovely but as you know we just can't live here. So....we have found a place to try out. Plattsburgh, NY. It's by the Anderondack Mountains and it's about an hour's drive from Montreal. Our paln is to rent a house and that will help us with our neighborhood decisions. Maybe rent to own. Cost of living is cheaper. Not as close to NYC but it's still closer than when we lived in Atlanta.

Kiki-it's underway baby. The house looks great and someone already came by to look at it. I think there is an agents viewing this week.

Mary-Oh Mary we probably won't be out of here for awhile. Buying/selling here in NY takes so long.

Cheers too about the painting-it's not quite right in my mind. And Melvin and I painted a huge Banyon Tree with vines on my son's wall. That's what you see behind the painting. I think in our next house I'm going to paint cherry blossom trees in a hallway or a breakfast nook. Wouldn't that be sweet?

Lilly said...

[OHMG! I am in love with one of your paintings again! Seriously. All my fave colours and all. And I don't even have time to comment properly now -- I've got to get back to work. I'll be back though]

RitaPita said...

I was wondering what that was on the way. And yes! cherry! blossom! trees! The idea makes me want to !!!! all over the place. Sweet indeed.

paintergirl said...

Rita-sometimes my visions end up a bit farfetched, but I think this one would work out really well.

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