08 September 2006

Here's to you Nicola and Bart...

Sometimes the most unexpected things happen and will forever change your life.

It could be small or huge. Either the event or the actual thing.

We just watched a movie last night-some of you may have seen it-"Me and You and Everyone We Know". This movie really struck a chord with me. Here is the writer, director and star of this very sweet and unexpected movie. It just proves to me that people can create lovely works of art. Music, paintings, novels, movies. It can be done and the world is a better place for this art. I just feel I get so trapped and stuck sometimes but this movie has given me hope, a light if you will.


acumamakiki said...

I've been dying to see this film, glad to know it's out and available for rental.

marybishop said...

I never heard about this film but I am anxious to see it now!

Art is the one thing that I believe saves our souls from depression and disease during bad times.

That's what I love about outsider art -- people with little or no training, no preconceived notions, just a desire to make something out of nothing.

Check out Henry Darger in Google images...he's a bit twisted, but I love his art!

paintergirl said...
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paintergirl said...

kiki-Oh you are going to LOVE this. I should be a spokesperson for this film. I want to know when you have watched it.

Mary-Oh man-run to the video store or netflix OR the library (which is where I get all my movies now)

I really think I may buy it.

I'm not excited about digital art-that's probably one of my dislikes, but this woman is so sweet and so quirky that you just love her and her desire to connect to people through her art. It's lovely. Tell me what you think.

paintergirl said...


Lilly said...

I have got to get hold of this and watch it -- if I can find the film and the time :-/

paintergirl said...

You and Alan will LOVE this movie. It is so fantastic.

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