01 August 2006

They smile in your face....

Why I am completely disgusted with Ann Coulter.

I'm researching all my favorite Republican Christian con hair do's, when I came across this little tidbit and it has set me off, in a very bad way.

"America's war with Islamic fanaticism didn't start on 9/11, but it's going to end with 9/11— as long as Americans aren't foolish enough ever to put a Democrat in the White House."

What president first gave Osama weapons, who trained the terrorists? errrrr! A Republican was in office!

Maybe it's partly due to the temp being over 100 F, maybe it's the idea that yes, we are entering WW3.

So much hate in this world, and backstabbing. It's pathetic that celebrities and whatever Ann Coulter calls herself, use the media as their vomit bag. I hope she doesn't think she's a journalist. And as a side note, myself included, if we all stop talking about Mel, that would be the worst thing for him. Trust me. All that fervor over his movie, just made the revenue go up. It's one of the highest grossing R rated films. Any press is good press with these people. So no more lip service.

I hate talking politics, but this woman more than the others (Laura, Condi, Lynne) really gets on my nerves.


marybishop said...

Coulter is one of the worst, because half the outrageous stuff she says she doesn't even believe..it's her schtick - her way of getting on TV and writing books. And, maybe once she was attractive but she looks horrid now so she should stop saying that it's her looks that upset women because men find her so appealing...yuck.

And, though I'm guilty of it - you are right on Mel...let him go to actor's hell which is not being talked about at all.

paintergirl said...

She is the worst isn't she?! I can't stand to even look at her. She really needs to update her looks and her thinking. Why is she so in love with Reagan? I think her and O'Reilly need to get together and have a love child.

Why am I so evil?

I spotted one of her books at my mother-inlaws house on our recent visit. I wanted to sneak off with it and make a little fire and burn it.

acumamakiki said...

She's a whore. Not really, I don't know anything about her, but I hate her and her snide attitude and smug behavior.

paintergirl said...

She is a media whore-you're right. She is smug and I've flipped through channels before and have seen her on Hannity and you'd think a huge black hole would open up in the studio and swallow them whole, but no, still around.

acumamakiki said...

You could have taken the book and made art out of the destruction.....altered books are very 'in' right now. (=

paintergirl said...

Oh but she was currently reading it and it would have been missed or otherwise i would have snached it. trust me, oh but she did send me an o'reilly book...I might have given that away. That's a great idea to alter it though...where is it...

Alan said...

I always thought that lunatic O'Reilly on Fair and Balanced, sorry, Fox "News", was the absolute epitome of what's wrong with America in general.

Are there other candidates for the award of 'most worrying influence on the minds of the average American'?

paintergirl said...

Fox news in general is bad. The old mother in-law has it on 24/7, scary stuff. I'd say, hmmm, beside Rove and the usual suspects, religious leaders like Bill Bennet, and John Hagee. Be very afaraid of their messages to the masses.

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