03 August 2006

If a picture paints a thousand words...

Samsies tagged me awhile ago with this meme.

It's very amusing because it's arbitrary. It can be as personal or impersonal.

I'd rather be a Selkie than a Water horse. (Water folk legends)

I'd rather be a pizza than a bowl of spaghetti. (Italian food)

I'd rather be British Elle than Italian Vogue. (Fashion magazines)

I'd rather be Gauguin than Van Gogh. (Post impressionistic painters)

I'd rather be Ultravox than Spandau Ballet. (Somewhat unloved UK bands)

If you laughed at this little meme, than you must do your own.


Alan said...

"I'd rather be Shane MacGowan than Jerry Dammers"

Chandler said...

But surely Spandau Ballet cannot be considered an unloved UK band.

They were quite popular in the 80s, which was when I grew up as a kid. :D

paintergirl said...

Alan-Awww, I'd rather be poor old Shane too. Like the new pic. I know you must be doing some keen Lambretta work, but it looks like you're setting fire to some manuscripts. Fire=good!

Chandler-Maybe I should note "somewhat unloved now". Oh those Kemp brothers, can't quite look at them the same after the mobster movie.

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