27 July 2006

I'm looking slightly rough...

A couple of nights ago, we were sitting down at the dinner table, which I have to tell you is a cafe table-that is my mind set. Ok so dinner, and my almost 4 year son, starts singing, "BBBBBBBB Benny and the JETSSSSSSSSSSSSSS".

Now. Sir Elton is not hated in our household, but we do not own any Elton. He picked this up on the radio from driving in the car. I sang a couple more of the lyrics to him, and he was very amused by "electric boots". He is further advanced than I was at his age. I used to think that song was very naughty, because I thought the song said "electric boobs." Quite a colorful picture in a young girls head.

Some more songs that my little man sings to me....snippets, really and everyone has to guess what they are.

"Lips like sugar, sugar kisses..." changes into "mama kisses"

"There goes a dog fish, chased by a cat fish" has changed since World Cup "there goes a german fish chased by a french fish".

"and it's cool to be a cat, it's cool for cats..."

"breathing in...breathing out"

He sings some very sweet children's songs too, but he will break out into cool for cats at any moment.


Alan said...

Echo and the Bunnymen

Alan said...

Electric boobs :o)

itsmelvin said...

Ding ding ding ding ding

Alan, otherwise know as Lambrettaman wins the prize!

ok so the last one is tough, it's from Red, Hot and Lisbon and David Byrne sings part of it.

Oh and the little man also sings,
for the bonus round mind you-

"we stood still, we all stood still"

"I'll come running to tie your shoes"

marybishop said...

How cute is that...picking up lyrics from the radio isn't easy -- I still can't do it.

The image of electric boobs will stay with me for a while...;-)

Alan said...

Not sure about those ones.
Unwilling to commit to a response for fear of reducing my 'cool' factor......

Alan said...

Actually, 'electric boobs' is for some reason making me think of Debbie Gibson.......;o)

acumamakiki said...

Loving that I could identify all of little man's lyrics. Damn, I know one of Melvin's tie-breakers but I'm shite for name that song.
Equally in the same genre, my girl goes for:
Simple Minds

Lilly said...

That's so cute, PG :-D
LOL @ electric boobs :-D

May I just add: Sir Elton is very hated in our household and for that very reason we do not own any Elton!

Alan said...

Actually, as I own the a tape of the movie soundtrack of The Who's Tommy, we technically do own some Elton...

paintergirl said...

First off...melvin didn't sign out when he was last on so melvin's comment was really me.

The management apologizes.

MB-I know electric boobs, kind of makes me think of Blade Runner for some reason. A strip tease show, and boobs that light up.

It's ok Alan, I know you know who Midge is. And in my book that's pretty cool, Melvin will say otherwise, but he did just buy me the Ultravox cd. More on this later.

Acu-You know I'm really bad with anmes of songs, the tie breakers are form Ultravox, and Brian Eno.

Lilly-ok I was being nice. We really don't care for Elton either.

And now for the finale...

Yesterday at dinner he started singing

"no new tale to tell, no new tale to tell, people like to hear their names"

It's lot's of fun when he does a medley!

itsmelvin said...

missive from the REAL melvin:

we also only have one elton song, it's on a glam rock comp. it also has rod 'the wad' on it. i've never listened to either song on the cd.

okay, stewart fans, fire at will!

Lilly said...

LOL LOL @ the REAL melvin :-D

Rod....don't own any of his stuff, but I don't mind him as such. Aye, he's ok!

I'd better check with Alan actually. I don't want to make the same mistake as I did when I proudly proclaimed that we don't own any Elton. At least I thought we didn't own any Elton.....

paintergirl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets what is in the music collection. I lose track of everything.

aww, melvin you like maggie may?

Lilly said...

Maggie May is a cracking song!

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