24 August 2006

I need your loving...

The other evening my sweet Melvin brought me these 2 things from the city. These lovely fuchsia colored flowers and the latest Esquire with the new Mr. Bond on the cover.

My dear Melvin does not get the respect he should in this world because he is a quiet man. He's not boastful but thoughtful. He's an reflective artist, not an obnoxious Picasso type. He always picks out the perfect gift for anyone. He's efficient and hardworking and will usually do a better job than most people. Hell, he cleans the house better than I do. He's a Virgo and his Birthday is next week. I hope he realizes how much he is loved by me and the little man.


acumamakiki said...

Happy Birthday to Melvin. Virgo power!

Lilly said...

Aww -- that is so sweet :-D

-- let's start the Melvin Fan Club! ;-)

Happy b'day to you, Melvin.

paintergirl said...

Oh yes-that's perfect. The melvin Fan Club, he will love that immensely. Today the 28 is his day.

marybishop said...

Happy Birthday to Melvin!!! When a wife loves you so much she says so on her blog, it shows what a hell of a man you are! (And what a hell of a woman you married!!)

Sign me up for the Melvin Fan Club too!!

paintergirl said...

Thanks MB-Melvin used to read this but know he's been so busy, I don't think he knows he has a fan club.

marybishop said...

He will when you make him sign autographed photos to his fan club members ;-)

paintergirl said...

oh that's brilliant MB. I couldn't think of a better thing to cheer him up.

Lilly said...

Ooooh.....the one day I don't manage to stop by, and it's the big man's birthday! I don't believe it!

So here's a BELATED happy birthday super-cool Melvin :-D

Glad you guys are up for the FC idea :-) Hehe!

I totally second what Mary Bishop said @ 12:52 PM

Lilly said...

PS. I totally dig that vase in the photo by the way....ok, better start working. No better go get a mug of coffee first, THEN I'll start working. It's important to get one's priorities right ;-)

paintergirl said...

Thanks Lilly-I love that vase too.Melvin gave me that a few years ago. Oh yes and he has very nice taste. He clothes shops for me because I hate it so.

Lilly said...

Oh my! He's very much like my Alan from what you write! ;-)

He ALWAYS manages to find stuff that's totally 'me' -- be it clothes, shoes, bags, bits and bobs, you name it! Whereas I can spend hours looking for stuff for myself and never find anything I like.


RitaPita said...

Melvin simply rocks.

Lucky girl, you.

itsmelvin said...

geez, i feel so lame-o missing my own party. guess i'm in denial. i find it better to forget or ignore.

thanks for the thoughts everyone. wish i was able to spend time with you all instead of work, where i seem to be less apprciated.

love the picture PG and love YOU!

Lilly said...

Go Melvin!
Go Melvin!
Go Melvin!
Go Melvin!

paintergirl said...

I need to start another blog. I think that would be the best for all of melvin's fans.

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