21 August 2006

Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth...

Some of you may know that I've been very slowly, selling items on eBay.

We had a set of Mondo Kane movies. I just don't need these movies around for the little man to find. He can discover them on his own in college.

Someone contacted me about purchasing the movies. He said he lives near by and asked to meet at the library and save on shipping. At first I said absolutely, then I started to worry.

1-Was he was going to be creepy


2-Was he some undercover ebay cop and I was going to get busted for something. I'm paranoid.

Either way I wanted my husband close by.

We agreed to meet at the coffee house and he told me to look him up on IMDB, so I would know what he looked like. What?!

He turns out to be the director of classic "Class of Nuke 'Em High" and edited and starred in "The Toxic Avenger". A real Troma guy.

I was nervous and excited to meet him. No longer paranoid, I was relieved it was a Troma guy.

He shows up. I told him I would wear my DEVO shirt (it's really Melvin's) so there would be no confusion what so ever. He was very quick and seemed very nervous and wanted the transaction over. Understood. He said hi to my son and we shook hands and that was that.


acumamakiki said...

I love that story. But you were right to feel paranoid. What if he was a zombie?

paintergirl said...

Zombies! Oh dear heavens I didn't even think of that. If that had entered my brain I would never had gone. Zombies from Croton.

Lilly said...

LOL @ Acu --- don't start the zombie theme again! I'm as paranoid as PG! ;-)

PG: I agree with Acu -- it's a brilliant wee story!

marybishop said...

Wow, how cool is that? I'm glad he wasn't an ebay cop or a zombie!

paintergirl said...

I know I know no zombies. We're about to watch Wolf Creek, real pyscho are bad enough for me, I don't need zombies getting in there too.

Lilly-Thanks Lilly. I don't think I've ever met, oh I take that back, I did meet River Phoenix at our student art show. He seemed so quiet and zen like.

Mary-My fantasy/horror cop always has a tooth missing and a big handlebar moustache. I think though that ebay cops look like the feds. Again, my active imagination.

Lilly said...


paintergirl said...

Yeah it was so strange. He just appered out of no where-like he was already a ghost. So soft spoken. I think it was about 1990. The day after Melvin and I got married, he died. Just a strange thing we always remember-sitting in a bar and hearing that on the telly. And the day we were going to drive out to Colorado to live, Kurt Cobain died. My best friend from college called me and urged us not to leave yet because she thought bad mojo was in the air. We waited.

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