18 August 2006

James Dean drove his Harley right into a ditch...

These are my Christian con hair styles, that are available at your local hair cuttery. I think a poster should be made, and you can just point to the style that best suits your needs. Soon these will be the only styles available, so get used to them.


marybishop said...

Holy Smoly! You're brilliant!!! Not only did you nail the hair styles with a few strokes, you also nailed the faces too! Do you know how difficult that is to do? (Well, I guess you do since you did it, but wow, I am totally impressed.)

acumamakiki said...

YOU, YOU!! This is brilliant you witty funny girl. You've captured suburban mom's U.S.A. and I want to get a Sinead to say kiss my big white one (not typical asses for these hairstyler's). You rule!!

RitaPita said...


i adore you.

paintergirl said...

MB-I looked at so many pictures of these ladies, I'm surprised I didn't dream about them as an army of zombies that take over the world. (Just a terrible thought that entered my mind)
Thanks, you inspired me.

kiki! I too have such a terrible, terrible way with hairstyles. This is why, when I turn the big 4-0 next year, I'm going to manic panic my hair. Haven't decided if it will be pink or blue. But it must be done. Thanks again-I'm still so sorry about X-it bums me completely out.

Rita-So glad you are back. Always a welcome sight in these parts.

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