04 July 2006

You're built like a car...

I love lists and this one was from the queen of lists Acumamakiki

yourself = hot
your partner = talented
your hair = wavy
your mother = stubborn
your father = workhorse
your favorite item = silver
your dream last night = icky
your favorite drink = zazz
your dream home = craftsman
the room you're in = white
your pleasure = drawing
your fear = falling
where you want to be in 10 years = somewhere
who you hung out with last night = family
what you're not = pretentious
your best friend = Melvin
one wish list item = massage
your gender = girl
the last thing you did = read
the last thing you ate = corn
your life = complicated
the last person you talked to on the phone = mom
who are you thinking of right now = husband


acumamakiki said...

Nice list my friend. Happy Firecracker day, what's left of it!

paintergirl said...

Happy 4th to you too!

Lilly said...

Yes -- lists are good! And I like your list, PG -- in fact, I like it so much I may copy it at some point and give it a shot myself.

Hoorraaah for lists!

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