06 July 2006

Life in a northern town...

There is something so nice and wonderful about car trips. Even if it's just for a short time. Melvin had a nice bit of time off for the holiday weekend and so we packed the car and went looking for our next town to live in. Vagabonds.

If we were true gypsies we would have taken just what we needed for the new house and left everything else behind and start over. Modern society doesn't allow us that convenience. I wish we could but there must be proper planning.

So we were off, to the very top of the Adirondacks Mountains. Not the Catskills, but about an hour away from Montreal. One hour away. Driving on the highway felt like we were already in another country. The signs were posted in English and French. It is a medium sized town called Plattsburgh and it's on Lake Champlain. Very historical place, very sweet, also reasonable. It's Craftsman houses galore. This may be the town.


Lilly said...

Ow PainterGirl -- I can just picture it before me. It sounds so nice! I would love to see some photos perhaps?? I do hope this is your 'new home'; I truly do :-)

paintergirl said...

You know the craziest thing-we hardly ever take pics. I don't know why. Our family always gets so mad at us. We know people that take 12 rolls when on holiday. I hope this will be the place. There are safe neighborhoods for the little man to ride his bike. It's sweet.

Lilly said...

Safe neighbourghoods --> good thing! We want the wee man to be safe and happy -- and his cool folks too :-)
[plus I'll never forget the episode you once told us about: the gun you found in your driveway -- holy crap like!]

I've noticed the distinct lack of photos here -- I don't mean 'distinct lack' in a bad way; but it's something you notice nowadays where most people have photo facilities even in their mobile/cell phone like! Plus I know that Alan and I like to make use of my mum's digi cam all the time simply because it's free, quick, and easy! [I still bring my own old camera with me on holidays -- my dad gave me it when I turned 13; so it's an oldie but it still works :-D].

In a way it's refreshing that you rarely supply us with photos, PG -- it means we still have to use our imagination a bit when we go visit your blog and read your entries. Although it was I who asked for photos, part of me like to just imagine and create my own images based on your words.

itsmelvin said...

melvin here, (temporarily resurfacing)

post more pics, pg! you've got nice drawings and the poloraids are cool too. plus you do take photos with the digi cam.

i guess we are sometimes more involved with doing, rather than recording our adventures. let's vow to take more pics. it's hard to do when i'm driving but i promise to stop when you ask.

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