26 June 2006

You expose the film in me, we're drawing...

So maybe I should keep my apologies to myself until November, but I will formally say sorry to poor old Daniel Craig now. Get it off my chest, and move on.

I have said some mean things in the past, but he's not half bad. Saw "Enduring Love" and that put me off. I had a Rhys thing at the time. I'm not sure what that movie was trying to accomplish. Then we saw "Munich", then I remembered to go and find "Layer Cake".

recently read some mean articles about DC playing Bond, which I will not repeat because I'm playing nice and I have hopes for this Bond. I mean, who REALLY liked Brosnan in the first place? Everyone is mad because he's not the next Sean incarnate. No one will ever be Sean, we have to get on with it.

Months before the film is to be released (I really don't know how it will be done by November when they are still FILMING it. The deadlines must be harrowing)

As I was saying, before the film is out, I have decided to start reading "Casino Royale". It's short and a nice summer read so far.

If I could only remember where I saw that Ian Fleming had intended Bond to be blond...


acumamakiki said...

Is Casino Royale a Bond book? PG, you're too funny....I would have told you long ago that yes, it was the surfer.

Alan said...

...but...Ian Fleming said "He is he character as I envisaged him" of Big Tam at the time Goldfinger was being shot...

paintergirl said...

Kiki-It was Fleming's first Bond book. Who knew, you should check it out. He has a way with the description of all the clothes at the time.

Oh I love a good mystery and I forgot about it until I came across the VF and thought-I have to figure this out.

Alan-I know, I know. Was I dreaming it? I'm determined to find out.

Lilly said...

I am no film expert [as you well know] -- but this sentence got me laughing while nodding in agreement: No one will ever be Sean, we have to get on with it.

Hear! Hear!

PS. RIGHT NOW, Alan just put a glass of Martini next to me -- how weird is that? I am NOT making this up [no vodka in it though].

paintergirl said...

My new slogan-Get on with it!
My answer for everything.

I can't beleive Alan made you a martini.

Just found Bond's recipe in Casino Royale as told to a bartender

It's a huge drink

3 measures of Gordon's
1 of vodka
1/2 measure Kina Lillet
shake it very well until it's ice cold
then add a large slice of lemon peel

Lilly said...

I like that slogan of yours -- I could do with a similar motto actually. To get my arse in gear -- a little less conversation, a little more action so to speak!

That sounds like a damn good drink! I sure wouldn't mind one of those! ;-)

RitaPita said...

hey pg.

Jay got your package and will be sending it to me soon.

I hope everything is well with you, you have been on my mind.

miss you,
kiss, kiss


David said...

I only know Daniel Craig from Our Friends in the North - he was brilliant in it (as was everyone). I highly recommend it.

paintergirl said...

Rita-Hope all is going well. It takes time and you are so young. Give yourself some slack.

David-hey that looks good! maybe I can find it somewhere.

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