24 July 2006

You got to pick out every stitch...

I recently saw in the paper this strange little bit of news.

"Virginia's governor yesterday pardoned a woman convicted of being a witch 300 years ago.

Grace Sherwood was accused in 1706 of using her black powers to force pregnant women to miscarry in the state's tiny region of Pungo."

I want to know why she was pardoned, especially since she was never put to death. It's nice that the governor did this, maybe her ancestors urged the council to have her exonerated. And they probably had a big wad of cash.

In the United States alone, there were at least 28 recorded victims of this sort of crime, most of which were people that did not go along with the status quo. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe were executed. Where are their pardons?

I surely would be considered a witch in the Puritan eyes.

Here is a list of those accused.


marybishop said...

So I open up the list and the first person's name is Bishop!

Did you know that anyone with red hair was suspect of being a witch? Cripes, now there's more Clairol shades of red than there is blonde.

Good thing we still don't feel the same way about redheads.

(Blogger has been awful today!)

laurenbove said...

Ah the speedy delivery of justice. It's good to be an American. Talk about your "cold case!"

paintergirl said...

MB-Oh yeah-the first woman in Salem-those 3 wretched girls all conspiring against her.
Salem must not have been a vacation spot that year.

Red hair and long too. Oh and if a woman cut her hair back then, she was up to something.

Don't worry MB, soon we'll all be wearing uniforms and everyone will have the same helmet Christian tele-evangelist hairdo.

Lauren-I know, it's amazing. And people think we'll find anything out about this administration's goings on? 300 years from know it will be out that Cheney has been a robot since 1975.

marybishop said...

Pg - your comments are both hilarious and sad and I'm afraid might even be true...I'm sure that Cheney's head is always listing to the side because he's got a screw loose and he can't balance his head anymore.

When the Christianists rule the earth, will I have to curl my hair and wear false lashes and dresses with big lace collars? Give me hell instead.

acumamakiki said...

I'm always so interested in witches, witch trials, etc. I liked reading this.

paintergirl said...

MB-All hail Christian con hair. Why does that frighten me? The hairstyles will be just different variations of the same helmet look. MB you always inspire illustrations out of me. This has me almost excited to draw this.

acu-Me too. Whether real or not. I always like the stories of white witches better.

Alan said...

Why do you think we packed them all off in the Mayflower to begin with!?!

Lilly said...

LOL @ Alan!!

paintergirl said...

It's true! Everyone just wanted to get rid of some wacky religious people and said"They'll never make it, best to be rid of them!"

Lilly said...

It's just really funny that you do a post about witches and Alan got that comment posted in that connection because it's a point he's made to me a few times over the past month or so! I thought he was joking at first but he kept telling me he was not.

marybishop said...

PG - I can't wait to see Christian Con Coifs!!!

I'd also love to see a photoshopped Condi with no space between her teeth and soft looking hair or a big afro, I don't care, but something other than her glue do.

paintergirl said...

Oh and do I have a couple of surprises. There are so many cons that I despise. Where are our Jackie o's?

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