21 July 2006

But old mangroves, sweet winds blow...

Car trips are great fun when you are going on vacations, not so hot when you have to go see a relative that is supposedly on his death bed. I'm not going to waste space talking about it because it seems rather pointless, and I'm still a bit mad about the whole issue.

We drove to Atlanta, Georgia and I'm so happy to be back in Stinkskill. I thought I would write a short list of some things from our little excursion.

5 reasons why I love the south
-I miss the sweet Magnolia trees.
-The Carolinas are the only place where Venus Flytraps grow.
-Kudzu covered trees along the highway. Sometimes the formations look like dragons trying to crawl out of the mire.
-It's the only place you can get away with drinking Creme de Menthe.
-Cheap groceries.

5 reasons why I hate the south
-Orange clay. It does not wash out of your clothes
-The humidity!
-People are FAKE nice. Waitresses especially who call you "hun", will no sooner turn around and spit in your sweet tea.
-It's the Bible belt!
-Everything is fried!


marybishop said...

Your list of "hate the South" would be the same as mine...I might throw in hyper-religious neighbors always trying to lasso me and take me to the nearest Baptist Church.

I loved the Kudzu too...I know they say a guy once left his car by the side of the road, went in a bar and had a few drinks, came out and his car was gone...totally covered in kudzu.

Urban legend, but almost true!

acumamakiki said...

What a great list and yes, that orange clay doesn't wash out fo nothin!
Glad you made it back safe and sound.

paintergirl said...

Hey MB-oh I forgot about the neighbors. And being the Bible belt, there is a church on every corner of every major intersection.

That's one of my favorite urban legends.

I just realized, the things I love about the south are mostly botanical. I guessI shouldn't be surprised.

acumamakiki-Isn't that clay the worst. I have ruined so many tennis shoes because of that stuff. I shudder when I see the stuff.

Lilly said...

PG: I am glad that you're back :-)

You're such a list-person which is great! Lists are fantastic. I am a big advocate and user of lists. Without lists I would be lost. I have to note things down. Preferably in list form.

It's always interesting to read an American's view on other Americans or other places in America. There must be such huge differences within this vast place -- which I guess many Europeans forget at times. You're all simply 'Americans'. I guess you see us in a similar way [most of you guys; not you personally PainterGirl ;-) You know your stuff!].

paintergirl said...

Hey I don't know why I missed this Lilly...I'm so sorry.

Melvin and I are outsiders in our country. There are some people who actually thought we we from another country. It's hard for us to fit in where ever we go. We look more at home in NYC but the attitude bugs me, and the constant hussle. I like peace and quiet most of the time.

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