11 July 2006

rain falls in grey far away...

Poor crazy,brilliant Syd Barret. Yet another person I'll never meet. Rest in peace man.

"In the evening sun going down
when the earth streams in, in the morning
send a cage through the post
make your name like a ghost
please, please, Baby Lemonade"


adam said...

Yeah - Shine On, Syd. He lived such a quiet life for so many years it almost feels like he was gone decades ago. One of my childhood heroes. I think an airing of Relics will be required.

paintergirl said...

I'm interested to see what his art history book he was working on looks like. Sweet Syd.

laurenbove said...

I dig baby lemonade.

paintergirl said...

I think I should go listen to some sweet Syd now.

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