10 July 2006

School's out forever...

Our small family went off to the neighborhood pool on Sunday. Overall, a nice time. The little man is a complete daredevil and just dives under water, without the full grasp of swimming yet. He is very proud that he is learning how to hold his breath.

All of the nice things have to be counter balanced with something not so pleasant. Oh dear, you say.

There was a mom sitting on the grass near the pool, tweezing. Yes tweezing her bikini area. Ewwww.

Why? We're all in the kiddie pool. We are not at Club Med. If it was so bad, she should have thought about it before she hauled her children to the pool.

So I ask, what crazy, indecent things have you seen someone do in public.


Vajana said...

oh.....my. anything I've seen does not compare to this I believe. Yikes.

My eyes have mostly just seen a lot of PDA to the point of VERY heavy petting in public that was quite disturbing.

But seriously, that woman needs to be banned from the pool.

paintergirl said...

Yikes is right. What was she thinking?

acumamakiki said...

You've got to be kidding me. Seriously? I think I just threw up in my mouth.

paintergirl said...

It was like "avert thine eyes" but then you couldn't because it was all so shocking for the kiddie pool.

Alan said...

Well, I've seen worse things in public, but probably not at the swimming pool.
Unless you count one of my ex-girlfriends at the swimming pool.
That was a disturbing sight...

marybishop said...

HI Rated PG! That's gross, but she'll have a zillion ingrown hairs soon as punishment for her lack of decorum.

Nose picking is my least favorite witnessed (and I'll say indecent)event -- especially when said person feels no shame and will pick right in front of me and then use that same hand to grab a fistful of potato chips from a bowl.

Needless to say, when she's around (yes a she!) I don't go near any food.

paintergirl said...

Alan-Very funny! it doesn't have to be at the pool. Just remembered some drug users in London.

Hi Marybishop! Long time woman, so glad to see you around.

I'm still a bit floored by the whole affair. I bet it was her one and only time wearing a bathing suit this summer.

Nose picking and then eating?! yuck! That's pretty gross.

Lilly said...

I remember being on the tube once when I lived in London -- on my way back from work or something. This old smelly guy comes in and sits in the seat opposite me -- and puts his hand in his pocket and it's obvious he's wanking himself! I had to get off at the next station and wait for another train home...I just couldn't have this dirty old bastard within my field of vision! YUK!

Lilly said...

Eeeew....actually just thinking of it makes my stomach turn :-(

itsmelvin said...

bleh Lilly-that's pretty nasty!!

Lilly said...


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