20 June 2006

Zero a zero

Ah yes, it is summer and that means summer music in the household.

Lately it has been Seu Jorge who sang all of the Bowie songs in "Life Aquatic" in Portuguese. In fact, as Melvin said, any of Wes Anderson movies have great soundtracks. This one though is particularly summary, so check it out.

I have such a love/hate feeling for summer. I love the idea of it. I love my memories of summer as a kid. Just swimming, waking up late, reading Mary Stewert, or Nancy Drew late into the evening. I miss that. Holidays at the beach.

Now, all I feel is just hot. I hate sweating. I hate feeling the sun melt my entire being. It gets muggy up here along the Hudson River, just like in Florida. Yesterday you could see the wet, heavy air hanging on the mountains.

I love the flowers in the yard, but I hate flying bugs. Yellow jackets get me going, and I mean fast. It's a complete and easy yin/yang relationship. It is the good, the bad and the ugly. (that's esp for you Lilly).


Lilly said...

Hiya dear -- glad to see you're back in the Blogosphere again :-) [I always start worrying when you go quiet for more than 2 days!! I cannot help it. I'm a worrier as you must have worked out by now].

I second your love/hate relationship with summer, hotness and the sun!

Thanks for the reference -- yay! That did not go by unnoticed! ;-)

paintergirl said...

It's been so hot, I can't stand to sit in this hot little room where the computer is. (not so good for the computer either) I'm sorry-I worry too. I was thinking the same.

It cooled off yesterday a bit. we could sleep with the windows open. Ideal. Today will be back to the heat.First official day of summer,

Anonymous said...

i am right there with you on the whole love hate thing...isn't that life thought. can't have one without the other.

paintergirl said...

It is a yin/yang relationship. Love the water though.

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