21 June 2006

Oh mother of pearl...

A praying mantis landed on my hand today in the backyard and I named him Alexander. I think I love this insect.

I want him to live in my house plants that are thriving on the porch. It could be his jungle.


acumamakiki said...

Better your hand than mine!!

paintergirl said...

really? I tried moving him to my plants and he got into defensive mode. I'm fascinated by the way they look. Not so thrilled by wasps-truth is I hate stinging bugs, even pinchy ones like beetles bother me a bit. The most disturbing of all bugs to me is the disgusting mole cricket. I used to find them in the pool when I was a kid. eh gads they are horrible.

acumamakiki said...

all bugs gross me out. i'm so glad i have a girl for that reason alone ~ i think i'd puke if i had to deal with creepy crawly's and such.

Lilly said...

Big LOL @ Acumamakiki :-D

Rose said...

i love those little things. I used to have a pet one when I was about ten. I decided to keep it in a jar (a big jar with lots of mossy earth and ferns and branches). I used to feed him spiders and little flies. I would take him out to watch TV. He was called Herbie. He came to a sad end when he shed his skin but the new skin underneath didn't form properly as he didn't have enough ventilation in his little jar. I had to let him go and knew he would die. It was very very sad. I still love to watch them.

Is it still hanging around your porch?

paintergirl said...

Oh I love them too-but i can't find him now. It's so cool you had one as a pet!

In a few minutes, I'm off to find slugs. He's really into bugs now.

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