13 June 2006

back in the USSR....

Looking through my travel magazine from the library, helps and exacerbates my wanderlust.

I can think of ten places off the top of my head I would rather be.

10. The region known as Transylvania. I haven't quite figured out my exact itinerary yet.

9. Vienna, Austria

8. Basil, Switzerland

7. A treehouse in Northern California

6. A case study house in the Hollywood Hills

5. A houseboat in Amsterdam

4. A crazy bar that I just read about located on the Northern tip of Scotland. There is a wrecked ship on the shore. Sounds lovely.

3. Riding a bike on Prince Edward Island

2. Sitting in the shade in South Africa.

1. And visiting my blog friends in their various locales!


Lilly said...

You're always welcome, PainterGirl :-D

Anonymous said...

mmmm...all sounds so wonderful, especially the tree house nad that cool bar ~ how fun!

acumamakiki said...

I would love to visit blogging friends locales, that would be great. I have been so land-locked since we had our girl but next Winter, we're planning a trip across the pond to London and Paris and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Vajana said...

i'm loving the treehouse.

Unless you consider watching my cats sleep, there isn't much going on here...I'd suggest a more wilder locale!

paintergirl said...

The treehouse and the houseboat are my tops right now. Oh yes and the bar-maybe I should put Antartica on there since I feel like I'm melting away.

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