06 June 2006

I've practiced the guitar...

It just so happens there are many things that make me very happy. Some of them are my son's doing.

Seeing Dan Zanes makes me happy. In fact I start singing and yelling the second I see a video about to start. Then my son gets excited too. It's a big dance party.

Reading and singing this book brings great joy. Really I love reading all kinds of books to the little man, and children's books are the only ones I finish lately. The artwork and the music are simply lovely here.

All of Sasek's books are fantastic too, but This is Paris and This is New York are my favorites.

And while I'm at it, Peter Sis books are also a treat. Tree of Life and The Three Golden Keys are worth checking out.


acumamakiki said...

We have This is London and we need to get the other ones, esp. This is NY!! I love the illustrations, so cool. I also love Dan Zane and if you can believe it, he had a show right here in our town! Very convenient and little miss had a terrific time.

paintergirl said...

I really like the London one too, but Paris was his first one and it's a little more special than the rest.

Wow-you guys went to see Zanes! Cool man. My husband and I were talking about how long it takes him to get his hair like that. I keep singing house party all the time.

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