08 June 2006

...cause it's your big day...

Here is the coffeehouse. I'm really nervous. I'm not one to talk about my work a lot. It is what it is. I love interpretations of my work. I love listening to what people have to say.

Here is my bio that will be up at the shop.

"I can see the shadowy lines of its trees,
and catch, in sudden gleams,
the sheen of the far surrounding seas"

When I was 8, I wanted to be an astronomer. My family said to me, "Too much math." My alternate career plan was to be an artist, and I have never second guessed my path in life.

My formal education was at the University of Florida where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine art in painting and drawing.

I feel at home in nature and am always amazed by the gifts I find, large or small, however cliche that sounds. Forever looking for the connection between object and space, landscape and air, and the intimacy between the two.


Lilly said...

Ow, sweet PainterGirl -- it looks so amazingly beautiful! How I wish I could just walk in through the door to that cute coffee house, admire your beautiful work, and sit down and have a chat and a cup of mokka with you!! :-)

Like I wrote in my e-mail: been thinking about you and the show today. Looking forward to hearing all about it :-D

David said...

Oh happy day.

acumamakiki said...

The cafe is wonderful; it looks like a cool place to hang out.
I can't wait to hear what happens and I hope you sell out the show!!

my pink sky said...

how wonderfully romantic...to be having your own art show in a great coffee joint. i'd be one of the customers dying to get a peek! good luck :)

paintergirl said...

Hey ya eveyone-and update.
Well the opening was not the gala event I had wished for.
Hey-I sold 2 pieces which really makes it all worth while.

It's funny, my stuff has changed quite a bit since my college days. I was on the phone with my brother inlaw over the weekend, and he did the nicest thing when I was in school, he filmed me talking about my senior show. I had about 14 fairly large paintings, and well my mom got rid of them over the years. So this video is really the best archive I have. the works were pretty dark and painful. painting really helped me get through my dad's death. i think I have slides somewhere-never trust a pianting student to take slides though.

whoa heavy stuff for monday morning.

netherlands won
what's this about a debacle for england david?

Lilly-i wish I could transport all of you to the coffeshop. The building is one of the nicest here in town.

david-been thinking about the cold weather there-I'm not looking forward to blistering heat coming forth. I have to join the neighborhood pool this year, and teach the wee man to swim.

Acumamakiki-If you get a chance you should come up sometime. You didn't happen to got to acupuncture school with a fellow named James?

my pink sky-
thanks for coming by! What a lovely thing for you to say-romantic. I never thought of it that way.

Lilly said...

Thanks for the update, dear -- cool that you sold two paintings already :-D

Hey, what you write may be heavy stuff for a [blue] Monday but at least it had a good and therapeutic effect at the time. That's a good thing I believe.

The English need to get HAMMERED in the World Cup. And I do mean that.


....and should Sweden stop going anywhere then:


[order random after Sweden]

paintergirl said...

Poor USA. Hey Autralia won. When does Sweden play-wednesday?

David said...

One nil and the only goal was an own goal? Bloody debacle. I agree with Lilly though - the English need to get hammered.

We had a massive storm the other day - gusts of 150 km/h. Very exciting. A garden chairs ending up in a tree, glass blown out of the glasshouse and fetching up at the studio door, that kind of thing. Heaps of snow down south, so now it's bloody cold.

adam said...

Yeah - hammer us! Then we can all get back to work and take those silly flags off our cars.

Lilly said...

Hey Ad-Man, I hope you are aware that it's not a personal attack on you, your country or your people. I've only had a great time while visiting, working, and living in England amongst wonderful people -- but when it comes to the English and their national football team.....oooohhh.....I get so sick of the tabloids, the commentators and THE YEAR 1966!! It never stops -- and that gets on my tits.

I felt the need to explain myself above because I do not wish to insult anyone like -- especially not Adam; he's cool :-D

paintergirl said...

Lilly- You know i just like watching-the US will never be as good as the rest of the world-or at least Americans won't give up their basball and American football. It's like a horserace for me-I just watch it for a bit, then I start rooting for the underdog. As you can tell, I am not a sports fanatic.

David-chairs in a tree?! wowie. Am I fatalistic when I think it's exciting preparing for a storm? Maybe it's the tidying up outside I like best.

That would be a debacle on England. And why is Becks playing?

Adam-so time off, really? We were vacationing in London last World Cup, Queen's jubilee and all that. Everyone was in the best of mood.

Lilly said...

PG: neither am I. I find it extremely difficult to watch more than 20 minutes of a football match. Unless it's Denmark and they're playing a good game [which doesn't happen very often!].

I used to be absolutely obsessed with watching tennis. I'd stay indoor while French Open was on, and then again when Wimbledon was on. I was always so pale because I sat inside watching tennis over the summer. I was a huge Boris Becker fan at the time....

I am digressing. I was on my way to bed. It's after midnight here.....

Oh! I found a new passion last summer -- Alan got me into it: TOUR DE FRANCE! I dig that a lot.

adam said...

Lilly - it's fine! Like I say, I'll just be glad when it's all over really.

PG - We don't actually get any official holidays or anything. It's just that nobody can focus on work for the duration of the tournament as they're all busy waving flags, painting their faces and watching the game, preferably in a pub or at a barbeque (or both)!

Being one of the least footbally people in the country (*) I find the only way to get through the month is to feign interest, try to feed off some of the enthusiasm of my friends and colleagues, and enjoy the beers.

* - this all stems from the childhood traumas of being the "fat kid made to go in goal". ;o)

Lilly said...

Cheers, Adam :-)

Good to hear you're managing to make the best of it by enjoying the beers! ;-)

Rose said...

A belated congratulations dear PG. That looks glorious. And you sold two? Yay for you! not that it's about selling, but it's cool all the same. what a nice cafe. Looks really friendly and comfortable.

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