26 May 2006

Something so strong, should have carried us away

This is a digital canvas that Melvin had made of my Starfish painting. I think it came out well, despite my resizing it for the computer.

Went to the coffee house today to check on buttons for my show. Again Melvin's idea, and there was only one left. Melvin should be my manager, he's brilliant that way.

My sister and I keep in touch mostly through emails because she doesn't want to make mom feel bad and go outside and talk to me. Sis tells me she is doing better, and will talk to a minister tomorrow. I have positive feelings about this. I may not be a religious person, but I think this is right for mom.

If I were in this situation, (I've thought of this) who would I feel comfortable talking too? Maybe his Holiness, The Dalai Lama? I don't know. I usually talk to the trees because they keep secrets and they are very old souls.


acumamakiki said...

that's very true about trees.....i've found solace talking to my rabbi which surprises me. i'm glad your mom is doing better and i hope she finds solace.

Vajana said...

blowing bubbles...always a good solce of mine. Like the bubbles can carry your troubles away.

Rose said...

Dear sweet girl, I have only just read your blog and found out all that has been going on for you. How sad and difficult for you. So much to cope with, but it sounds like you are doing so so well. How is your show going? Do we get to see some installation shots? (I recognise the title of your entry of course, being a New Zealander and all - the tune immediately springs into my head and I'm singing along).

Take care my friend. I don't visit you in cyber land often now due to time constraints, but you are often on my mind.

paintergirl said...

acu-oh the trees make me very happy. Mom is doing much better.

vajana-I tried blowing bubbles. It helps alot until my son wanted me to keep blowing them till I was exhausted. At least I wasn't worried anymore.

rose-it has been very difficult but I'm working through all the pain and weirdness. then trying to stay focused for the show..
I used to really love that song-still do, but Ive heard it recently been hearing it on the radio. cheers me up.

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