23 May 2006

she's got a carborator tied to the moon...

First thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes.

An update on my mum. She is with my sister at my sister's house and is ready to go back home. She has promised to never try it again. My sister and I want to believe her and honestly I do. She is a very strong Christain woman, which is why this really shocked and upset me. As a troubled artist in my youth, thoughts have crossed my mind, but I never would seriously commit suicide. Because of MY upbringing.

Her and my sis will go back to the house over the upcoming weekend, and I have arranged for one of my mom's younger friends to stay with her for a few days. Mom has also agreed on counseling with a minister. Also going to check to see if her insurance covers a nurse coming to visit the house once a week. If anyone can think of anything else...

Other fronts-the opening of my show will happen soon. It goes up next week and have started to hang flyers around town. It's the big countdown. June 1 we hang it, June 8 is the official reception.

Last week was very emotional and full of the good and the bad. Melvin received some good news but I'll let him do the honors because it's his to do.

One of my son's goldfish died. Very bad.
The little man took it well. He wanted to help with the burial. I realize many people just flush fish, I don't have the heart. We had a proper funeral under the lilac tree and said a few words.

Over the weekend we almost lost another fish. I had an emergency cleaning of the bowl at 9pm, and the cat held a vigil for him overnight. I am happy to report the remaining fish named Sid is alive and well, thanks to Sid the cat for his prayers.


acumamakiki said...

i've been thinking of you PG and i'm glad to hear that things have settled although i'm sure it will be a journey, sigh. i'm sorry. but i'm very excited for your show! how are you feeling about it? i hope you'll take pics when it's up, before the throngs and daily life there sets in. (=

paintergirl said...

hey there kiki
It's not over-and I'm guessing it never will be.My mom needs to realize she has to accept some things, and not worry about most. She thinks she has the answer for everything, but she doesn't-it's all excuses. Is any of this making sense?

oh man the show...what a crazy thing this is going to be. there are open artist studios happening here and I'm going to be on the map. I'll send you a postcard. I'm excited but scared. i haven't had a show in a VERY long time. I'll be happy to have feedback.

David said...

Ye gods, what a full on time you're having!

paintergirl said...

David-Nothing happens for ages then all of a sudden the good and the bad at once. It's enough to try and break me.

Vajana said...

glad to hear your mom has agreed to counseling.

I will be very interested in seeing some of your show pics! Enjoy it.

Vajana said...
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David said...

Yep, it never rains but it pours (good old cliches - there's one for every occasion). Hope you're looking after yourself.

I second the looking forward to show pics comment.

paintergirl said...

hey ya Vajana-I think she listens more to my sister than me, the baby. I'm happy she's becoming a little more rational now. It's going to be a long process. I will most difinitely post pics of the show. One more week until hanging-the pressure is building.

David-I think in cliches, or maybe worse my life is one. I'm trying to keep a clear mind, but it's not always easy.

FreeThinker said...

Hope all turns out well. This "call for help" has been heeded!

Anonymous said...

Hope Things Turn For The Better!
Since you like Trees - I don't have time to sign in, but ...


I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the sweet earth's flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

-J. Kilmer

This famous poem may not be your favorite, but just thought it might reconcile a bit of what you you wrote.

paintergirl said...

Hey freethinker! Yeah mom went too long without getting help but she is well on her way to recovery.

anon-who are you mystery person? Without sounding really lame I actually hugged a huge pine the other day at the playgound. My son and I both said hi to him and told him he was very beautiful. I'm happy to know my son is learning to say hi to the trees.

Lilly said...

PG, hugging a tree never makes anyone sound lame. Not in my world anyway. I am glad to hear that you too are a tree-hugger and that you're teaching the wee man to be one too :-D The world needs more tree-huggers!

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