02 May 2006

And it ain't me who's going to leave...

First off-why in the hell do I have an Atheist ad in my blog-I never knew atheists have ads. At least I don't have a Star Trek ad!(I'm looking in your direction melvin)

Next-is anyone else completely amused by the handicapped word verification?

I become extremely dyslexic when someone is spelling something to me. It comes from my mom being embarrassed to try to pronounce a word, so in turn she would spell it. My brain shuts off. Completely.

"How do you say it mom?"


I swear it's just like that but neither of us are that bad.

I laugh at the voices though. Very "Logan's Run".

Also-trying to find some counseling for my mom, speaking of which. She is not handling my sister's death very well, and I'm trying to contact people from a distance who may or may not offer grief counsel. I think she needs a group of parents like herself to meet and talk.

And still working on getting prepared for the show at the coffee house. I am about to attempt a wheat paste/Japanese style hinging method for my painting on paper.

Melvin made a rather lovely postcard for the show. Will have them soon I hope.

Please wish me luck.


Vajana said...

Good luck!

Wish I could help with the counsel. My mother is still not over my grandparents' deaths, and they lived a full life. I think group therapy is better for this situation, more 'this is how I deal with this' situation rather than talking to someone who may or may not have gone through the same/similar thing. Lots of good thoughts go towards you and your fam.

And I've been throwing up for weeks now, that's where I've been--3 months preggers!

Lilly said...

Good luck, sweet PainterGirl :-)

I hope things get better for your mum, and that you succeed in finding some sort of suitable counselling for her. How are you coping yourself, dear?

Spelling in English? Oh, it's a nightmare ;-)

Take care -- off to bed. Early start again tomorrow...zzzz....

paintergirl said...

Now my silly rant makse no sense about the atheist ad. I sound silly.

And then I sound heartless commenting about the handicap word verf. I really meant was that I have a hard time doing it. and of course the voices get me.

Is your mom in counseling? I agree, she needs to be with people like her, and how they are dealing/and not dealing and that some things take awhile. But when it's bad, there is help.

You poor thing. I can't believe you wrote about chocolate, and you can't stomach it. I bet you are going to have a boy who will be a picky eater. My wishes for you to feel better are coming your way!

Oh Lilly-It's not easy doing this at a distance, but I keep trying. She just went to a new doc and prescribed new meds for her. we'll see. Busy busy girl you are now. Make bike go now! Cheers!

David said...

Oh dear, I completely forgot to wish you luck for your show.

Good luck! (Better late than never eh?)

Lilly said...

Yeah, I can imagine that the distance does not exactly make things any easier for you -- or your mum. Hope her new doc and new meds work wonders :-)

Please tell us more about the show, sweet PainterGirl.....

paintergirl said...

David-hey thanks man! it's fast approaching and still the paper paintings need to be hung.

Lilly-the meds are kind of working and well she's happy now because my sister is coming down over the next weekend for Mother's day.

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