27 April 2006

She's living in a dreamworld...

Struggling as usual

Happy with some, sad and or depressed about a lot

A toddler learning how to use the toilet(sits on the toilet with his underwear on-it's a start)

Trees that I love in blossom, but make my eyes itch and my head ache

The fact that gas may soon be $4(just the beginning of Soylent Green eh?)

The need for a good pre school in my town that we can walk to

Everyone needs to get back to the basics.

We should all plant "End this war" gardens, because a Victory garden is completely out of fashion.

We should all try to walk or ride bikes more.

I'm starting small so I'm not overwhelmed, but it's slowly changing here at the paintergirl/Melvin home

At least there is no SUV to sell.

On a very happy note-melvin bought me The Sparks-Kimono My House. I LOVE it. This cd is keeping me grounded. And I've re-discovered my Red Hot and Lisbon cd as well. That one makes you kick off your shoes and dance through the house.

I will leave the movie end to Melvin. We have just watched some great scary/cheesy movies and he should discuss them. Let's just say one of them has the great Christopher Lee in it. And oh one has virgin sacrifices...


acumamakiki said...

All true, PG.

paintergirl said...

Oh and I'm hanging all my clothes on a line too. We already recycle everything, but composting will be my next project. I just don't see any of this getting better, so we all have to get back to some basics, you know?

adam said...

Composting is brilliant. We started last year. Our bin doesn't smell any more and the composter itself smells *great* - earthy nutrient goodness!

itsmelvin said...

and i've given up showering and changing my underpants.

go, environment!

paintergirl said...

Adam-do you guys have alittle bin for your kitchen bits? where do you keep it, under the sink. That was a problem before, where to keep the bin and keeping it somewhat clean and not so smelly.

and on to Melvin-I can't believe I have no say in this. we're not hippies. I'll hose you off in the backyard and wash your things in a pail. Let's not go all Tom Brown.

adam said...

Yeah, in the corner by the window sill. A little flip-top thing. It just needs an occasional rinse now and then. Doesn't really stink, but then Tabie says I stink, so what do I know!

I've just been watching 'Lost Highway', a documentary about Country music from Cash to Wilco, and now I'm watching classic Eagles live at the BBC performance from '73 on BBC4 right now. I'd forgotten how great these guys are. There's a copycat band called the Alter Eagles playing at our local tomorrow too. Yee Haw!

Rose said...

Composting is very satisfying. I just have a big bowl which I empty into the compost daily so I don't have the smell thing happening too much. I don't put any actual food scraps on there (that is, leftover food) because that attracts rodents. I put peelings and old fruit/veg and some weeds from the garden (only the safe ones if you know what I mean - none of the nasty invasive ones that seem to survive the composting process). It's fun! I just wish I had some chickens for the leftover food. Keeping chickens is a very satisfying thing.

Melvin - I hope PG keeps her promise to hose you down. It might be nice summer fun for the whole family...! It's hose-down-dad day. And if you're a REAL hippy then you won't be wearing any of that silly underwear. Hang free and loose, maaaaaan!

Vajana said...

okay since no one has said it yet....THEY'RE PEOPLE!

Okay, I feel better.

The smell of clothesline dried clothes is one of the best smells in the world, so super extra benefit.

paintergirl said...

Hey Adam-so how was the rockumentary? Could be good, could be good, how was it? Oh and the eagles...Melvin will testify to this, the Eagles will always be rememebred with the birth of our son, because Melvin had the MOJO about them with us at the hospital. I had the Two Towers with me, never did finish it. Hmm I wonder why?

Rose-You know I'm just going to have to just do it. I have my little can and, well I just have to empty every day then.

And once it's summer we'll all just sit in the over sized kiddie pool. no need for showers. I already dragged the bbq out of the potting shed. Now I'm thinking how i could attach a cart to my bike to get groceries. I can't believe i'm sayng this.

Vajana-long time woman!
can't you just picture heston yelling this. i love that movie. I can't get the cars in the street image out of my head though. it's going to happen, but when.

The only issue I have with clothes dried on the line is hard towels. I lived my whole childhood with line dried clothes, but still have a hang up about the towels.

adam said...

How was the rockumentary? Great! In my youth I shied away from Country and Western, in favour of 'cooler' bands, but these days I love exploring new musical territory. I was taking notes, so I'd know what to add to my wishlist: Willie Nelson - phases, shotgun, Redheaded Stranger / Merle Haggard (early) / Gram Parsons (Fly Burr bros, died too soon) + Emmy Lou Harris. Need more Wilco. Garth Brooks bad.

paintergirl said...

Adam-Hey I'm the same way. For years I stayed away from The Band and now they are terrific in my mind. Oh yeah-Gram Parsons-the very same. Melvin has loved Burrito Brothers for years but I'm just beginning to understand them. Can't wait to see the movie about him.

itsmelvin said...

adam, if you like c&w the hag's fairly recent 'If I Could Only Fly' starts of with a great cut. i also heartily recoomend george jones and waylon jennings. check out the late 60s/70s stuff for both. my dad was born and raised in savannah, ga so i had this played around me all the time as a kid. hated it at the time, but now i understand.

paintergirl said...

Am I imaging this but do all my posts turn toward music? It's true isn't it? At least we don't always talk about zombies?

adam said...

Thanks for the tips melvin. I'll add them to the list.
PG - it must be all these lyrically-themed post titles you use.

paintergirl said...

A ha-tha's it. I dig it though, just gives me a laugh.

itsmelvin said...

a ha? now there's a good band--NOT!

and now for something completely different (and back on topic): the thing that goes janky when we dry clothes outside is that they get stiff as a board and go all scratchy. any outdoor drying tips?

paintergirl said...

Hey now-don't start talking trash about A -ha or Go West. Oh crap-I've said too much.

Really though-how do we prevent crunchy clothes?

Lilly said...

Fabric conditioner is meant to prevent your clothes from getting stiff-ish. But of course it's adding more [and, I guess, unnecessary (really)] crap to your garments.

I am not a fan of crunchy socks, but I'd choose a line for drying my clothes over a tumble dryer any day -- because of the environment -- so I normally just stick a fist into the sock and sort of put it on my hand/writst. That makes is less crunchy....

paintergirl said...

I know-the fabric con-do I add more junk to the water? I bought some detergent with softner in it-we'll see.
Crunchy socks. Sounds like you have a good system worked out to relive stress too.

Lilly said...

LOL @ PG :-D Yes, I guess you could say that -- I never thought of it that way, but it really is true though!

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