05 May 2006

Panic in Detroit...

Today I'm going to wear my Che Guevara shirt.

I always feel like Jack Black in Orange County when I wear it-
"Let's start the revolution".

Reading in no particular order (when I get the time)

Parenting an Only Child.

It comes across as a self help that rationalizes and dispels myths about only children.

Indecision by B. Kunkel
I made a Freudian slip the other night and called it Indulgence, then this morning I thought it was Indifference.
I'm just glad that Melvin talked me out of buying it.

Eco-Renovation-The Ecological Home Improvement Guide.
This also comes across as self indulgent. If you had thousands of dollars, you too could live in a perfect eco friendly home.

And two books Melvin bought me.

The Brief History of the Dead by Brockmeier
I started this one , but I'm going to read Kunkel's book first.

Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro

This was a surprise book and it sounds interesting.

Travel and Leisure magazine
I enjoy these mags because they always give me nice color and decorating ideas. And our library has them.


David said...

'People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have a corpse in their mouth.'

- Raoul Vaneigem, The revolution of everyday life

acumamakiki said...

I'd like to feel better about the only kid thing.....mostly I do but then I feel sad for the missed oppty. of having a sibling ~ I'm close to my sister but there's also no guarantees.

Lilly said...

Myths about only children...I am all ears. I am an only child. Do tell me more :-)

I get nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- read these days. It bugs me. I read so much when I was still a student and although I miss it and have tons of books that I am desperate to read, I just never get round to it when I am at home....there's always something else that needs doing. Or perhaps I am getting my priorities totally wrong.

paintergirl said...

David-Happy to see you around! That's a great quote. You know, it's true about a revolution. Most revolutions that we hear about in the papers or the news, it's always about political takeovers. Or basically what people can I control. Yea-my revolution is about changing lifestyle for the better of the world. Maybe that wil be another blog entry. One car per family, one baby...that's just the top of my head. oh but it can't be madatory...I have to think this through.

kiki-I feel pretty good about my decision.You should too, I know you do, but you should feel good. Only children are very bright. For a while we both have thought, maybe down the road we'd adopt a girl, but I don't think so now. Our man is our man, and I can't see him with siblings. I love my sisters, but they aren't my best friends. I grew up in a somewhat large family, and I always thougt my parents were a bit over burdened by the 3 of us girls. Now our man has both parents as artists and struggling. I could go on about this forever.

lilly-That makes so much sense that you are an only. Such a smart dear girl you are. let's see the book talks about onlies as being loners, which isn't true. And I really don't like the stigma attached to saying someone is a loner anyway. Onlies receive too much attention from the parental units-too much critical attention. I could see that happening, so I have to allow him to make mistakes.

Oh-don't let the book list fool you. I have these books started but I can barely get a chapter read of indecision...

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