03 April 2006

I'm on a highway to hell...

1 toddler throwing up in a rental van

1 husband driving 17 hours

1 black lab shedding her winter coat in the backseat

1 woman trying to make everyone happy


For everyone else-never drive your family to Florida.


echrai said...

Oh dear lord, you poor thing. Put that on my top ten list of things I never ever want to do.

Lilly said...

Sweet PainterGirl --


my friend. Hope you'll have a wonderful and relaxing day :-) --- and that you're no longer on the highway to hell!

[that's a damn good song, by the way -- even if it is fitting for how you're feeling, dear, which of course makes me sad to hear...]

paintergirl said...

echrai-No one should attempt this. we had some good moments but it was not easy. Fly to Orlando and just rent a car.

Hey thanks. I'm glad the trip is over. It was nice to see everyone, but seeing family is never a real vacation. Seeing BOTH families is extremely draining.

But it's over and today I turn...39.
I think I'll take the little man to my 2 favorite places, the library and the coffee house. Will report back later. Oh yea, and listen to Trainspotting soundtrack.

itsmelvin said...

re: the trip
white lines--don't do it...

happy b-day pgirl, i've got some more surprises in store for you (but given our budget, just don't get too excited. it's the small things that count).


paintergirl said...

Melvin-Maybe we should have gone to South of the Border. It could have been like the scene in Easy Rider, when they were in the grave yard. Except we wouldn't have been on anything. And we would have been dazed by all the neon lights.

Rose said...

That's a long trip! In small New Zealand terms that would get you from one end to the next (except for the three hour ferry trip in the middle...) Whew!


acumamakiki said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY girlfriend. I'm sorry you had a car trip to Florida; I've heard they end up like this.

paintergirl said...

Hey ya Rose-Never do i want to repeat that trip, but it was for financail reasons to see both families. The ferry trip trip sounds ideal compared to the car ride.

mamakiki-When you guys decide to go and take little miss to Disney-fly. She will LOVE it. Wait-have you been yet? The boys like all the car rides and the girls love all the magical princess stuff. It's so funny to be there with your own child.

Alan said...

Nasty. That would be the equivalent of driving from Edinburgh to the South coast of England and back again. I thought the Edinburgh-London road trip was bad enough at about 8 hours, but you have revealed a whole new level of horror.

But I have a winner! (Admittedly by bus)
Stirling to London (leaving on Friday night) then London to Amsterdam (all day Saturday)via France and Belgium) then Amsterdam to Aalborg (Saturday into Sunday afternoon). A trip we thought would never end. And for such a tiny country, it takes hours to get through Holland!

paintergirl said...

Adam-so long in Holland! I never would have thought such a pretty little country would take FOREVER!

Lilly said...

Deary me -- yes, that was some trip, Alan. What really worried me was the Dutch bus driver who was rolling his own cigs while driving the bus on the motor way -- USING BOTH HANDS TO ROLL THE CIGS, I may add! Frightening! I felt like grabbing the steering wheel every time he rolled another cigarette -- it was often!

PG: This is ALAN and this is ADAM ;-)

paintergirl said...

I'm insane-do I keep calling Alan, Adam? How embarrasing. Sorry Alan.

Lilly said...

I'm sure Alan has been called worse ;-P

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