04 April 2006

Forever there'll be, a heaven in your kiss...

So I always knew I shared my birthday with Maya Angelou, but I didn't know about some of the others.

Hugo Weaving-(can you believe it Melvin?)
Robert Downey Jr-what a messed up Aries
Graham Norton-I knew I liked him for some reason
A guitarist from Thin Lizzy and a guitarist from Slade ?? Have I ever listened to these bands?

Tony Perkins-A man always remembered as a psycho

Creepy David Blaine

Clive Davis-a decent sort

Marguerite Dumas-also a good creative person. My middle name to boot.

And for the big finale, I get a crazy Roman, Caracalla. Otherwise known as Marcus Aurelius. A while back I made the comment about hating the Romans. Well it's back to haunt me.


RitaPita said...

You say its your birthday.. well its David Blaines birthday too yeah..

Oh yes, I will masacare any song if it means I can wish ya a Happy Birthday with class.

Rose said...

Just been downloading an old Thin Lizzy song that I love. They were great. Irish 70s rock - epic! Slade were more on the glam rock side and were from the UK. They lead singer looked kinda like a chipmunk and had a bad pageboy haircut. My brother had posters of them all over his wall. I always thought they sucked.


acumamakiki said...

Is today the day?? I love Aries women. They always are cool, interesting people. I'm glad my girl is an Aries.
Happy Birthday again.

paintergirl said...

So this is what I did on my b'day-
Did all of our vacation dirty laundry. Not so much fun.

Went to 2 libraries-maybe I should change careers.

Took the little man to Dunkin Dougnuts and had a coffee and douhgnut. And no I did not give my toddler coffee.

I wanted to paint, but felt a nap would be better for me. And it was.

Then it was indian take out, a chocolate mousse cake and a scotch whiskey drink all provided by sweet Melvin. We listened to the new Flaming Lips (b'day gift) which came out on my day.

Then we started to watch Naked Lunch. "Exterminate all rational thoughts!" No tears, no sadness. A very happy little birthday.

Hey there Rita, you can sing songs to me anytime!!

Dear Rose-maybe we have Thin Lizzy and Slade some where...I lose track of what we have. I can't recall hearing them.

Crazy mamakiki!! 4/4 is the day. I used to think I was cool, but now I have doubts. I'm glad your girl is an Aries too. Forever creative.

acumamakiki said...

Oh I'm not cool anymore, pfft.

Alan said...

Oh, I missed it..happy birthday though, fellow starsign-sharer.
The coolest person I shared my birthday with was Christopher "heh heh heh heh heh" Lambert, which cheered Lilly up no end.
If I have to do that laugh for her one more time, I swear.....
And as far as the Romans go, at least you didn't get Nero or Caligula :o)

By the way, I always thought Slade were no1 in the UK charts when I was born with Cum On Feel The Noize...(depending on which charts you find, it may have been them...but it also may have been Donny Osmond with 12th of Never...eurgh)
Slade started in the 60s, called Ambrose Slade, with shaved heids, tight jeans and big doc martin boots. They were one of the biggest selling bands in Britain during the 70s.
And they get rolled out on daytime tv every christmas to play 'Merry Christmas Everybody' next to old Roy Wood singing 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day'. Ugh.


itsmelvin said...

i like how the convo has shifted to slade. i love them! even though i only know their two stateside hits and the xmas song. the singer, Noddy Holder, has one of the best names in rock (next to the guys in Mott the Hoople).

paintergirl said...

Acumama-Us moms must stick together and remember our coolness. We'll have to remind our children that we used to be hip.

Alan-Yeah-Marcus was well liked among his soldiers, but was killed by one of them when he was peeing on the side of the road. nasty times.

Ok you and Mevin have me hooked on finding out about Slade.

So Alan, what is the xmas song they are playing in "The Office Special". I can't remember the lyrics now..was that Slade?

melvin-Noddy Holder??!!-You would know this-and that is a fantastic name.

Lilly said...

PG: I love how you call the wee one "the little man" -- always makes me smile :-) You're a well cool mum, by the way -- taking him to libraries and coffee shops! Excellent stuff.

LOL LOL @ Alan and the Christopher "heh heh heh heh heh" Lambert-bit :-D

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