22 March 2006

I'll always love you...

Ok-so you guys all know I did not see Buckaroo when it came out. I think I saw it about 5 years ago.

Well, I just saw for the first time ever, (must be going through a Peter Weller phase) , ROBOCOP. This was a fantastic film. Why did I wait? No one knows the mysteries of paintergirl. Poor poor Melvin.

Melvin puts up with a lot, and I have to give him credit. If it weren't for him, who knows what I would be listening to-Duran? Enya?

Well, Melvin burned a little disc for me, and I'm charmed.

It's a British band Goldfrapp. Not a very typical musical selection for me, but lovely.

I can describe it as very uplifting. When you hear it you will want to dance. Maybe even be a stripper. Who knows.


Alan said...

Robocop - classic movie, even the bits that were a blatant Six Million Dollar Man rip-off.
Part Man, Part Machine - All Cop
Got to love an American film that satirises American society...those commercial breaks make the movie.
(As well as seeing Dr Romano from ER as an anarcho-punk-gangster).

Robocop and Total Recall are the high-points of Paul Verhoeven's career.

I loved Total Recall when it came out too...but I like reading Phillip K Dick, so that was a given, really.

Goldfrapp - not really my cup of tea, I'm afraid...however, I thought the vaguely-similar Ladytron were quite good.

Lilly said...

PainterGirl -- I am glad I am not the only one who's a wee bit 'behind' in the film department.
The exact same thing happened to me. I didn't watch Robocop until some time last year; on Alan's request. And as with most of the films he recommends, I loved it! Absolutely loved it. Like Melvin, Alan too has to put up with a lot.
I've got him to thank for getting me to watch The Terminator too -- some time during 2004! Only 20 years after its release. One of my favourite films now, which I've watched several times since then.

Better late than never, I guess....

Goldfrapp -- I haven't heard any of their stuff [as far as I am aware].

adam said...

Goldfrapp are brilliant! I think the second one - Black Cherry - is still my fave, but it's all good. I love that warm electronic sound.

Robocop is brilliant too! "You have twenty seconds to comply". One of Tabie's all-time faves.


paintergirl said...

Alan-Which one is on ER? I'm still reeling from the dad from "That 70's Show" being a creep. Sort of unsettling.

I think we saw Total Recall in the theatre. I enjoyed it.
Oh yea-I'm looking at the cd in the hard drive now of Ladytron that Melvin brought home.

Lilly oh Lilly-
There are dozens if not 100's of movies I have not seen. We just watched Leviathon (of course Weller) it's a cheesy alein-esqe movie.
I like terminator too. I liked the 2nd one quite a bit.

Alan-Warm electronic-that's it. A nice groove that that sits well.

"I will take you, alive or dead"

Do you think his students ever ask him to do the voice?

Alan said...

That would be Emil Antonowsky (the guy who says 'I LIKE IT!" a lot, and who drives the truck into the toxic waste and melts prior to being splattered all over the front of the Ford Taurus) played by Paul McCrane who, as well as being the irritating Dr Robert Romano on ER for about 6 years until losing his arm and then finally being killed.

Lilly says I watch too much TV.

I would imagine Peter Weller gets continually bugged by people asking him if he knows what his 4th directive is...at least that's what I'd ask him...

1. Serve the public trust
2. Protect the innocent
3. Uphold the law
4. Classified

...but that's just me...

paintergirl said...

I can't believe THAT guy is on ER. (Or was) The toxic waste tank was so inconspicouis.

I know I would want Weller to sing to me-(ala BB)

"I don't have fond desires
And I don't have happy hours
Baby, I just don't have anything, anything
Since I don't have you, I don't have you"

Thanks Alan for the photo. Poor Murphy.

acumamakiki said...

I've been very interested in Goldfrapp, been hearing a lot about the band and curious. My hub hasn't mentioned them.

Rose said...

I have a Goldfrapp album - I think it's the first one - Felt Mountain. Apparently she was only 18 or 19 when she sung in that - whatever her name is. Amazing voice, just amazing. I think on first listen it reminded me of Portishead.

Buckaroo - not heard of or seen it. I don't think I have seen Robocop - guess that's one that I would have dismissed as "not my thing"... but then again I would probably like it as I loved Terminator. Will give it a go some time on your recommendation PG!

I don't believe you would be listening to Enya. No, no!

RitaPita said...


you may have seen it already, but i posted about zombies a few days ago.. i thought you might get a kick out of it.

(just ignore the long rambling soft core porn that my comments turned into: i had nothing to do with it)

Lilly said...


paintergirl said...

Acu-I think you'll really like Goldfrapp. Check it out.

Rose-she has an amazing voice, and I'll be the first to say, I rarely get into women singers.

And you have to see Buckaroo. It's 80's chesse, but you'll have a good laugh. Robocop is violent, but in a way they never show anymore. It's a really good representation of 80's movies. They are both different but I think you'll get a good laugh.

Rita- You have thought about this alot. I had to print it out and read it. I love it. I think I may be ino zombies whether I like it or not huh?

Lilly-I'm here just back from a road trip, and now I have a cold and it's my birthday tomorrow.

Lilly said...

You look after yourself, PainterGirl -- so that you can get well soon! Stock up on vitamin C and stay warm and cosy [that's an order like!].

Tillykke med fødselsdagen :-D

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