13 April 2006

Hey man, where’d ya get that lotion?

Drug story part 3

I am laying there waiting for the doctor arrive.

And from what I understand, he's always late.

One of the nurses puts an iv in, I wince when the needle jabs me.

Clearly another sign I am not a good candidate for drug addiction.

I was amazed though at how nice the cool saline solution felt going in my vein and up my arm.

The good doctor arrived and told me what was going to happen. He adminiseterd relaxo drugs and it took about 10 seconds for it to hit me. Yeah, not eating for 24 hours will do that to a person.

I tried really hard to keep my eyes open and watch the monitor but my eyelids were so heavy. All I remember are colors flashing on the screen.

It was over in 10 minutes. It was fast.

He did find a polyp. 39 and I had a polyp. Scary. It was very small, but it was thereand now it's gone. I am so happy I went.

I completely blame my DNA.


Lilly said...

You're now polyp-free, sweet PainterGirl :-) Good!!
Glad to hear it went well and that you're back on your feet again.

Yep -- DNA has got a lot to answer for!

Lee said...

Not fun, by the sound of it!

Glad to hear you are now polyp-free.

echrai said...

Woo hoo! Good thing you went! And yes, I really do have to read the reports - usually on like 75 year old men. And worse, the reports come with pictures. The first time... I was flipping through, saw the pictures, looked closer, realized what they were and SHUDDERED. The very word colonoscopy makes me sort of cringe. Someday perhaps I'll be inured, but at least for now, those photos... ick.

Congrats on getting through it and I'm so glad things are okay.

Rose said...

The only "...oscopy" I've ever had was the horrible colposcopy where they cut a chunk out of my cervix. Very nasty. No cameras, no gross liquids to swill, but a very undignified experience. I guess having a camera in your colon is not exactly a dignified experience either. At least you had some nice relaxo drugs.

acumamakiki said...

I'm glad you went too ~ how wonderful technology is today, polyp and then no polyp! I'm glad its gone.

Alan said...

Do they let you keep it if you ask for it?

It is yours after all.

What a conversational piece at your next dinner party!

"If one looks over toward the mantelshelf replete with preserved polyp..."

Sorry ;o)

I'm just jealous coz they never let me keep my extracted teeth.

But they were well quick to give me a big scar on my top lip because they were rubbish at suturing.

paintergirl said...

Oh dear Lilly-the drugs wore off by afternoon and I was ready to take charge. You know-there is some good DNA one side and some scary stuff on the other. Here's to the good side!

Lee-it was not fun, but it feels good to have had it done.

Echrai-I can't blame you for being icked out. They gave me a pic of mine. Oh yay-"can I frame it" Why do I have a picture of it??

Rose-yikes-a chunk does not sound pleasant at all. The camera up the bum is none too cool, but since it is the most preventable cancer, hears to it.

Acu-And the picure shows it too. "look as ve are approaching ze polyp, now we are upon it, and then zap. Now ve are leaving ze spot"

Alan-They wouldn't let you keep your teeth? I think I have mine somewhere. I even asked to keep our cat's teeth when he had to have a couple of fangs pulled. They were his trademark. A fang always stuck out.
I have lovely pics of it, but it has been sent away. Sob.

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