19 April 2006

Came in through the bathroom window...

Part 4
(or "How I knew there was something awry")

There is a strange side story to all of this. It happened on my day of fasting.

I was trying to find something to make for the little man for dinner, when the door bell rang.

We have 2 doors in the front. One is a glass door. And the other is the hard core door. I hardly EVER have the hardcore door open, but this was a lovely spring day so I thought, let some sun in.

I thought wrong.

There was a man. Who, I can describe as a Begbie* type but not as small. His skin was red and flaking and mumbled something about belonging to a group selling magazine subscriptions. He had a northern accent with southern slang. My guess he picked it up in prison. This weirded me a bit, but the troops came to my rescue. The dog was first, then the little one. I was also inspired to wear Melvins Detroit Lions cap, so I wasn't looking very fetching. Still. He was put out that I wasn't willing to buy.

He crossed the street, quickly taking a cigarette out and going to the neighbors.

Not 5 minutes later, I look in the backyard, and there is a GIANT of a black cat walking around. I send the dog out, and the cat is so big and freaked that it could't jump the fence. Our dog cornered it, and quickly I pulled her away. The cat would not leave.

This had me a bit spooked, and I quickly checked all the doors in the house.

The lesson of this story, never trust strange men that quickly change into black cats.

Begbie is a character in Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. In the movie he was played brilliantly by Robert Carlyle.


acumamakiki said...

That would have creeped me right out! I get all scared by weirdo things like that. Thank you for the prayer on Saturday ~ I always love when my friends say one for me. The flight is 3:05 pm. (=

itsmelvin said...

omg, honey. it was a detroit tigers baseball hat (*sigh-can't take her anywhere).

oh, yeah, the other stuff was weird too. you must be a freak magnet on some strange wavelength. what about the time you found a gun in our driveway?

paintergirl said...

kiki-I hope the trip is going swimmingly well. very jealous.

melvin-You know I kept thinking don't say lions and I did.

the gun...oi! That was terrible.

Melvin was away on a trip and I found this gun in the bushes. it was horrible.

Lilly said...

Oooh....creepy indeed!!

Black cats -- they always make me a bit uneasy.

A gun in the driveway? a gun in the driveway?!! As you well know, I watched that Michael Moore film not so long ago. I shouldn't be surprised. You do live in America -- but still....whoa. Did you hand it over to the police or what happened?

paintergirl said...

So I was hanging out clothes on the line and noticed a shirt under the bushes by the side of the house. I went over to it, and lo' wrapped up in this FLANNEL shirt was a gun. Someone had the wrong sized bullets and tried to jam them into the chamber. I layed it back down-looked around and ran inside and called the cops. I went back out waiting and ending up talking to the boys next door and everyone thought it was hilarious that bullets were jammed in. I'm still not laughing about it.

That plave where we lived had bad mojo. I also saw, at the boys house, robbers kick in their back door. Called cops again.

Lilly said...

Holy crap like! Scary stuff. Hope you, melvin and the little man find a nice and peaceful and friendly place to stay soon -- how are things in that deparment, dear? [sorry, I have not been so active blogging-wise -- I am so busy with this work experience]

paintergirl said...

Oh Lilly this was a place where lived in Alanta-a very high crime city. Oh if this happened now-I would be calling the president-this would be on the news.

Lilly said...


I just love how you're so matter-of-fact-ish: If this happened now-I would be calling the president :-D

Glad you've relocated, dear. Have a good weekend.

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