12 April 2006

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes...

Drug story Part 2

So I did indeed reach a fasting high. I thought WOW! I can really accomplish things. (Not that I want to do this all the time)

Now the whole entire reason for the fasting was because I was preparing for a medical procedure.

If my sister had not have died of colon cancer I would not even be thinking about this, but yes I scheduled a colonoscopy.

Now, like I was saying I was fine with the fasting, until I had to drink THE LIQUID.

Seeing Naked Lunch has been a strange coincidence. I kept thinking of the black centipedes.

This LIQUID-Imagine swallowing the ocean and you've got a rough idea.

This ended my happy high. All goodness in the world came to a halt.

No longer was I hungry.


acumamakiki said...

My husband had a colonoscopy in December and that slimy liquid really seemed disgusting, even by my standards. He did say however, that from that purge in preparation for the probe, he felt leaner and cleaner and more clear than he had in long while.
Good luck today or whenever you have the scan, I'm sure it will be all good, but you're very smart to be precautionary.

Lilly said...

Hope all is well with you, PG -- better to be safe than sorry. Good thing you're getting examined. Let's know how it went, dear.

I've had my large bowel examined with a camera too -- this was way back in November or December 2003. I suffered from severe pains in my groin. So bad that I couldn't stand up straight. My bowel looked fine though...in hindsight, I think it was probably the first signs of the inflamation I suffer from in both my sacroiliac joints...

echrai said...

Ugh, something I've never had to have done, but something I've had to view many reports of. Icky side-effect of starting a job in life insurance. Good luck and may all come out... uh... clean.

Alan said...

Lilly-"My bowel looked fine though"

That is, of course, a matter of opinion.

paintergirl said...

Acu-It does make you feel really clean. I've been cleaning around the house too. It clears the mind.
How did Alan's go? It must have went well.

Lilly-all done and back on my feet.
The little man was so dear and watched tv as I dozed in out out of sleep next to him. i hate him sitting in front of the telly, but I was pretty out of it for the rest of the morining.

Adam oh I mean Alan. See I think to myself "don't call him Adam, he's the one with the baby" and then I do it. I'm so sorry. I have to tell you and Lilly that I just checked the mail and we had this catalog of videos. And I saw for the first time-Taggert! I should check our library for it.

Now about this bowel thing...how DO you know if it looks fine?

paintergirl said...

echrai-You really have to read reports about this? that must be loads of fun!

Lilly said...

Good to hear, PG :-) The only telly you should let the little man watch is MythBusters! Hehe...

...and TAGGART when he gets a wee bit older, of course! Hope you manage to track down at least one episode of the show. Let us know what you think!! We're going to bonnie Scotland in May -- e-mail me your address so that I can send you a postcard :-D

Lilly said...

Alan, you're so cheeky. I cannot take you anywhere these days :-)

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