07 April 2006

Singles remind me of kisses, albums remind me of plans

Oh yes, I've been listening to Squeeze in the car again. It happens once a year, until Melvin says, "Are you sick of this yet?" And it comes close to being chucked out the window. I forget how witty their lyrics are. It cheers me up. I have the little man singing "Cool for cats".

Now since their has been such talk about Slade here is some history.

"Slade is a British glam rock band. The band formed in the late 1960s as R&B act, The N'Betweens, and later as the rock act Ambrose Slade, but found great success in the early 1970s, releasing a series of popular singles in what was perceived as being a glam rock style. Slade remain one of the most recognisable acts of the glam rock movement, and were, at their peak, the most commercially popular band in the UK. The band is possibly most famous for the song "Merry Xmas Everybody", originally released in December 1973 , which was never deleted and is heard regularly at Christmas time everafter; it is now the most iconic British Christmas pop song."

And this shocked me...

"During the height of their success, Slade out-performed their chart rivals Wizzard, Sweet, T. Rex, Suzi Quatro, Smokie, Gary Glitter and even David Bowie. In the UK they achieved 11 top five hits in a three-year span from 1971 to 1974, six of which topped the charts."


Alan said...

Yep, Slade.
I remember them being on Tiswas quite often (Tiswas was punk rock TV before punk rock happened) but that may have been due to them being from Birmingham, and probably the only band who could be arsed going round to the TV studio at 8am.

Incidentally, Tiswas (1974-1982)was possibly the most ahead-of-its-time tv show ever. (There now follows an even more tangential topic-hijack, which will make no sense to anybody unless they were young in Britain in the 1970s) What other Saturday morning kids' show would be playing Mötorhead, The Specials, Bad Manners, Madness, Elvis Costello, Adam and the Ants and the like?
I blame Chris Tarrant (yeah, fellow Brits, the fat old dude who presents the 'Who Wants To be A Millionaire' quiz now) and Sally James for my somewhat eclectic taste in music growing up.
The presenters were usually hung over from the Friday night, and basically didn't bother with scripts. They humiliated children and parents on live tv, and showed the same disrepect to most of the guests and celebrities.
kids' parents who had taken themto the studio to be part of the live audience were forced to be locked in a gigantic plastic cage, where the presenters doused them in buckets of water and 'gunge'.
I remember a standoff quiz between two kids, and for some reason, they had to wear underpants on their heads while taking part.
Quality stuff.
Oh, and Slade were on it quite often too.

echrai said...

Funny, I remember the name. I remember a song or two, but somehow, SOMEHOW, I don't own a single one! This must be remedied.

paintergirl said...

Alan-never ever ever would such a show have made it to Florida in the 60's/70's. maybe New York, but never the south. You are quite lucky! Madness and Elvis. I would have loved it. I remember seeing Motorhead on the Young Ones, thinking "who the hell is THIS" and that was years later (80's?)

Slade, Rose made a comment earlier about one of the guys looking like a chipmunk, and it's true. It will frighten you. I think I'll have to find the xmas song for next year.

Lilly said...

AAAHHH!!! PainterGirl -- of course you of all people would like The Young Ones too! :-D I should have guessed. One of my all time favourite tv-shows/series or whatever the hell it's called. I LOVE Rik Mayall -- and did you know that Alan does an absolutely amazing impression of him? Hahaha :-) I think he's fed up with me asking him to do it though -- if it's not Rik Mayall impressions I am asking for, then it's impressions of Christoph Lambert's laugh !! Poor Alan...

I cannot believe that Chris Tarrant actually used to be cool!

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