24 April 2006

In fact... your... fanatical...

I saw this over at acumamakiki and was inspired.

It's a little list of random facts about paintergirl.

1. I HATE the song "Season's in the Sun". I would cry every time I heard it as a child, and now it grates on my nerves.

2.I once biked 500 miles in Europe.

3. I was given a teaching assistantship at the University of New Mexico, but walked away from it.

4. I am a very jealous, quick tempered Irish girl. I have to really work at being calm and reflective and less judgmental.

5. I really love gin and tonic, but lately we just drink vino.

6. I tend to burn my bridges.

7. I hate it when people litter.

8. I wish I could speak French.

9. I have a habit where every time I walk into a library, I must to check out a book.
No matter how many books I have at home, I will check a new one out.

10. I am sick of hearing about Suri!


acumamakiki said...

Don't you think it's interesting that Suri sounds like sorry? They're assholes, that's what I think.
I like your list and like you, I'm judgemental and jealous. But I'm alright with it; I know that others are as well and I say, judge away because I still know I'm better.....HA!!

paintergirl said...

Thanks man-I like you too. I couldn't elaborate, maybe some things are too much.

It does sound like sorry-you are so right!

I hate getting jealous, but judgemental...why can't people do the right thing? I mean come on, didn't their moms teach them right from wrong? It's frustrating, but I accept it as well.

Lilly said...

Sweet PainterGirl -- I never knew that you once did The Tour de France ;-)

paintergirl said...

I'm the one that taught Lance a thing or two!

It was fun, but really difficult through parts of Belgium. Oi! And my scars on my legs... The smell of diesel fuel on a chilly morning will always make me think of that trip.

Rose said...

oh, I'm SO with you on 5,6,7 and 8. Sometimes I play a little game with myself when I'm bored where I think in sentences in French. If no-one is there I might speak a little. I only learnt French at school for three years so I don't know much.

Wow, that cycling! You're amazing.

paintergirl said...

Dear Rose-
I really miss gin, but I just don't think I can really drink it like I used to. We just bought some vodka-kind of a helarding of spring/summer here. But we both felt not so hot the day after. I suppose it's wine from now on.

Our neighbors tend to throw trash out of their car into the street-drives me crazy. People must think I have serious OCD, but it makes the street look like we live in the ghetto. If I ruled the world...

I also could never bike that far again.

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