08 March 2006

Stange brew...

Dream I want to talk about.

Peter Weller was driving a very crappy, and I mean crappy blue car full of women from different times in my life. My mom and sisters were shoved in the back, as well as my best friend from college. He dropped us off at my mom's house and I had to help this one friend of mine get ready. She was drunk and we were all going to a play. This friend was a girl I used to know in high school. We weren't pals, just hung in the same circles.

I helped her get dressed and we walked back out to the car. Susan decided she didn't want to go (college friend) and sat on the porch steps smoking. We got in the car, I sat in front. The fabric on the roof was drooping and I couldn't shut the door. Peter leaned over and said, "You have to do it a certain way, carefully, or it won't go". I laughed and said "that sounds familiar", and he didn't laugh and gave me a grimace. Then I had to use the 18th century safety strap and he helped with it and noted I must have been practicing. And off we went.

Am I not dealing with something from my past?


paintergirl said...

So the car represents my life or what I think my life is like. Crappy blue car is not a happy metaphor is it. it's still running but what is the point.

Someone told me that everyone in your dream can represent yourself.

I'm all of these people, plus it's about my relationships with them as well. Dreams can tell you many things at once in layers.

I'm Weller because all of these women are from my life, and I carry them around on a day to day. I may not always deal with them in a timely manner.

The drunken girlfriend was me at one time when I was young and foolish.

My best friend, well I'm as much to blame for relationships gone bad because i just walk away. I hate conflict. This friend no longer cares to talk to me-in real life.
So it's kind of bitter sweet that she gets out of the car and smokes and we drive away. It's best I no longer bother.

that's what I think so far.

itsmelvin said...

i had no idea what it was about when you described the dream, but your analysis seems right on.

it really does seem like people in dreams are just us, like when you suddenly become them or how fluidly they change into another person. i just never heard it said.

and so many details touch on what we have been discussing lately: peter weller, susan, obviously your family.

maybe some new input would change your dreams into something optimistic.

Lilly said...

Dreams are very interesting and so is the whole idea of their metaphorical meaning. I don't know a whole lot about interpreting dreams -- only a few things such as a house representing yourself; and I heard that thing too about everyone in your dream being a representation of yourself, or some aspect of yourself. It's a very interesting thought. I wish I knew more about it -- it's a funny thing, isn't it? This whole idea of dreams and where we are when we're asleep and stuff. It's mighty fascinating. I cannot help but wonder is it really a metaphorical representation, or is it simply something we decide that it is because we as humans are obsessed with making sense? Maybe it's just the brain's way of processing and dealing with a lot of stuff. Our subconsciousness or something like that.
Hmm...I am not sure where I am going here with this comment! LOL :-D

At times, I am convinced that our dreams mean something -- that they have to be of some significance to us; that they can enlighten us; help us make decisions; etc.....

ANYWAY -- that socalled 'crappy blue car' that may [or may not] be a mataphor for your life. It is still running, and that's a good thing, I think -- even if you can't see the point at present, I am sure that those around you and those close to you can. The point is that you are here; you are here amongst us. You presence is appreciated and you as a person are loved and needed. I know I only know you through this Blogging thing, but believe me when I say this: I am very glad to have you in my [Cyber] life, PG. You never fail to make me smile and you always offer good perspective and advice :-)

Another thing: running cars go places -- movement, yeah? Perhaps you simply need to move on to somewhere that will make you happy. Happiness is there somewhere along the road that your blue car is travelling along. It's stil running, remember? It's maybe just not there yet....

Lilly said...

Oooh...that was quite a long post. Sorry.

paintergirl said...

Hey lilly-your post wasn't too long, in fact it was very helpful.

Dreams are very complicated. Sometimes they foreshadow future events. Sometimes it's health related issues.

the car is running, you are so right. I like that a great deal. it can take me from one bad situation into a better one. I'll stick with that.

Thanks lilly!!

Lilly said...


echrai said...

I love this dream because it makes me think of my dreams. Sometimes they're so filled with meanings and yet so little happens when you go to describe them. They say that whatever it is you focus most on in the dream - whatever it is that jumps out as being a big part of the dream, no matter how small an event - like the seatbelt - the things you remember with the most clarity are those that have the most meaning in the dream. I like the metaphor of the safety-belt too. It's archaic, a part of history, but still functional if used just the right way. Sometimes you need a little help learning how to do that. Sounds a little like that's how your relationships with these women go.

paintergirl said...

echrai-I love dreams, and yet they never come out exactly, in words, as how they were in your mind. It must be how directors feel.
You have made me have an aha! moment. My relationship with these women. They are all from my past and I do still act a certain way around them, differently for each person. This is good Echrai. I appreciate everyones words about this, because I know in my heart this was a powerful dream.

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