09 March 2006

One hundred years from now...

I'm tired

And sad today

If I could pack my family up

I would leave this crummy town

We went to the park

I sat in the car

because I didn't

want to go home


acumamakiki said...

Oh PG, this breaks my heart. Get in that car and come drive to NJ to visit me, I'll cheer you up!

paintergirl said...

acumama-I know you would cheer me up! But everything is weighing on me, so I'm taking it out on my good for nothing town.

Lilly said...

Oh, sweet PainterGirl....I am so sad to hear that this is how you are feeling. I wish I could come and rescue you and remove all the sadness from your life....

Take it out on your town if it helps!!

Lilly said...


paintergirl said...

I'm here I'm here-no worries.

I was so very sad that day. The forest really calms my nerves. I just couldn't face our neighbors houses and their trashy ways.

We went out of town over the weekend to look at a possible city to move to in Massachusets. I had high hopes but it turned into a bit of a disappointment, but I'm not crushed. There are other cities we want to check out. I'm actually very happy we went to go look. Puts our city into perspective.

Lilly said...

Thanks for the update, dear -- yes, the forest can have an amazing effect on the human mind....

Glad to hear you're out looking for a new and better place. Those things take time -- and I guess it's better to check out a few places and make sure you pick the right place even if it takes a bit longer. It'll be worth it. Happy house/place hunting :-)

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