06 March 2006

How do you work this thing...

So the journey continues. Life moves forward.

I have tried to get my family outdoors as much as possible. The sun and fresh air heals us.

Today we went to a place called Blue Mountain Park. It was very desolate. I enjoyed it until I realized how alone we were.

1st thought-What would I do if a bear came running out of the woods?
2nd thought-What would I do if a man came running out of the woods with a gun or knife?

Creepy thoughts pop into my head at the worst times.

I really do try to enjoy life. There is a fine art to balancing enjoying life as if you were on vacation and taking part in life (i.e. being an adult)

I am still trying to find the grace to do both.


Lilly said...

Yes, fresh air and sun will do you lot good :-) Hope you're all pulling through alright, dear.

I second what you say about shit popping into your head all of a sudden.....I find it that I've become increasingly more paranoid and worried about walking out on my own at night, driving, flying, etc. over the last 6 years or so. The older I get, the more I worry. A girl I shared a study room with at university [when I worked on my MA thesis] said she felt the same way. We thought we may have spotted a tendency since we're both the same age. But apart from her, I don't know what other people my age feel when it comes to the above.

acumamakiki said...

I worry about that sort of stuff (bears and men) when I find myself alone, esp. with my kid. I don't know if I was aware like that when I wasn't a mama, but now it seems that I'm constantly in that mother-bear mode of making sure the cub is safe.

paintergirl said...

Lilly-The older I get, the more I worry-that's me in a nutshell. My mom is a big worrier and I fight those tendancies, but I think it's intuition too, so we should never doubt these feelings.

acu-Bears and Men!! That will be the title of my paranoid, freaked out, neurotic autobiography. I am seriously wondering what I would do when isolated. maybe I should check out how to survive anything book.
i am that way too with my kid too. I am bugged when someone looks at him too long. You know what I mean?

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