13 March 2006

I'll give you fish...I'll give you candy...

Off to North Adams, Mass we went. I found a book called "Best Art Towns".

Be very cautious when checking books out of the library with "best" in the title.

It was located in a beautiful spot, on the base of a huge mountain. The downtown was revitalized and very dear. Nice coffeehouse, lovely bookstore. Two components for a tolerable town. Coffeehouse-check. Bookstore, check. Right then, what about the neighborhoods? Oh yeah-and it has a brand spanking new Musuem of Contempory Art. called MoCA. Cute right?

I won't go into gory detail of the neighborhoods, but it made me appreciate where we are at the moment.

We still have to move though. The schools are crap and the city just takes and takes and gives nothing back. I just need to research more, and of course take long weekend drives.

I know I'm an idealist, but I have to at least try to find a nice place. I grew up in a nice place. Melvin grew up in a nice place. We want the same sweet town for our little man.


acumamakiki said...

I've been to that town where MoCa is! It is indeed very scary although the museum is really cool. PG, come look in NJ. We've got an awesome town and the 2 surrounding towns are just as good. Why don't you 3 come down in the next couple of weeks for a playdate/lunch and you can check out our neck of the woods. Very cool people, close to the city so Melvin can work, etc.

paintergirl said...

Dear sweet acumamakiki. We can barely afford Westchester.(had to pick one of the most expensive places didn't we?) As much as Melvin loves working in the city, I can't see him doing it for long. And he is not fully satisfied with his current place-(know anyone who needs a great art director) The thing is, we need a house that costs half as much and a place where the cost of living is not as high. Melvin and I need to do our thing, and anywhere near the city is going to cost too much.

North Adams...where do these people work? I guess there are factories and plants around the area. But man, parking on the sidewalks?

We would love to come and see you though. From your pics, your neighborhood looks lovely. A very nice place to have a family.

acumamakiki said...

I hear you. What about Vermont? People love it up there and it's truly gorgeous.

paintergirl said...

Oh Vermont is one of our places to check out. Have you ever been to Glenn Falls, NY? There is always Maine.

Lilly said...

Sorry I cannot be of much assistance in terms of suggesting different areas in the States. My sense of American geography is pretty bad -- however, that's not gonna stop me from wishing you and Melvin all the best of luck. Hope you find the perfect place very soon -- and hey, there is nothing wrong with being an idealist :-)


paintergirl said...

Well I always feel like we are one step away from moving to Europe, but my mom would never talk to me again(and she would throw out all of my paintings). So, I have the task of finding a place. Thank you dear Lilly for wishing us well. We just have to take weekend drives.

acumamakiki said...

Portland Maine is supposed to be incredible.....it would be a nice place to live. Yes, I've heard of Glenn Falls ~ isn't it up by the finger lakes? So beautiful ~ we've got a friend in Seneca Falls.

Lilly said...

Europe --- hmmmmm.....interesting. Each country in Europe is unique nad very different from the other European countries. That's what I love about this place -- yet we feel some sort of bond I guess because we're also all Europeans. Hard to explain. And then there's also that special Scandinavian bond up North.....strange how we feel we pertain to different little groups of countries while feeling unique at the same time. Anyway, I am thinking out loud here and I probably out to shut it right now! :-)

I understand where you're coming from in terms of your mum's reaction if you did move across the pond. It's a long way away from 'home'. I've often felt bad when I've lived abroad but luckily I have the best parents in the world who have always -- and I do mean always -- encouraged me to follow my heart and been happy for me when I've been happy. No matter where I've been....

Well if you guys do head towards Europe on one of your [extended] weekend trips, keep me posted. There's always room for an extra couple of The Kinks fans in our apparment -- just you remember that because I am not kidding, dear :-)

Europe is our playground -- Brett Anderson

paintergirl said...

Acu-I have taken the "find your spot" test and i have more than 8 cities in Maine. It is suppossed to be really nice. No hot summers. That's a plus.

Glen Falls is above Saratoga Springs, and they are at the foot of the Anderondacks. Looks like the really wealthy build huge summer homes up there, but it's still worth a shot. I know there are options, it's just a matter of getting out there. isn't that the way with everything though. Just getting out there and being part of it all?

Lilly-if we win the lottery... That would be so lovely. If money were no object I think we would travel, esp. with the little man.
I really can't even discuss moving abroad because it would never happen. I had to make up stories when we went to London. My mom wouldn't eat or sleep if she knew we were far away. terrible worrier.

If ever on our side of the pond, you are more than welcome here too! We may be further away from NYC but we'll be in the vicinity.

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