15 March 2006

Lovely Rita, meter maid

Oh the madness of this. Ritapita is to be thanked for hooking me up to this.

Take My Quiz -


paintergirl said...

I am completely insane and had to make sure I did this right.

RitaPita said...

i must immeditly go and read all of your archives.

(hanging head in shame)



Bradley Egel said...

I read your blog alot...and I got like 1 right...what is wrong with me???

I almost never answer all of the above...that was two not in my favor :)


Tough quiz!

The Egel Nest

paintergirl said...

Oh no..I think I made a really tough quiz. it was hard coming up with questions.

rita-do not waste your time...please.
i think I mentioned once a looooong time ago about the whole Keith Moon thing. And I was just thinking about graham today. No one can enter my head. I think it was a take this quiz and you'll find out about me.

Bradley-you are the one to thank for the madness next to Rita. my all of the above were...very silly indeed.

I'm sorry guys.

RitaPita said...


nothing to be sorry about: at least your quiz had answers. not like others (bradley! - hehe).

I must say, the movie question was unfair. A trick question! A slight of hand! (in my mind it had to be.. well, I can't say, I can't ruin it for who hasn't taken it yet.. but you know where I am going with this)

Is it just me, or does it seem like we have been on the computer ALL day today?

Do you have yahoo messenger pg? If you do, IM me (redpita123) sometime.

itsmelvin said...

boy, did i do bad...

i was kind of confused at first though. on the first one, i thought we were supposed to answer questions about us for some reason. then i didn't read the all the questions the 'all the above' answers (as soon as i was a name i just clicked it).

so that's my excuse. normally i feel i know what pg is going to do before she does it.

paintergirl said...

melvin melvin...I never trick you because you ARE the trickster. You are tired and at work. it's ok, I forgive you. I want you to do this sometime. It's hard coming up with questions.

paintergirl said...

rita-I know I know. I hope no one thought I wanted to be a preacher!

it seems like I have been off and on all the time. I think it's 20 out. yesterday it was in the 60's. My body is in shock.

Lilly said...

Oh, I didn't do well in the test. Shite. I feel bad now. For some reason.

That was a good quiz though -- I may make one too :-)

Lilly said...

Oh, I didn't do well in the test. Shite. I feel bad now. For some reason.

That was a good quiz though -- I may make one too :-)

Lilly said...

Ooooh!!! I cannot even post properly today. What is wrong?


paintergirl said...

You are so silly! maybe I should have been a professor. I really did not intend to make it hard. I thought it was very funny-and my own husband only got half right. And how long have we been together...? I hope you do one.

Lilly said...

It was very good, PG! I enjoyed it -- and considering your husband's score, I think I did very well actually [you just put things into perspective - thanks :-)].

I did my own one now -- I have a feeling you'll do well if you try it.

Alan said...


Imagine not seeing such classic science fiction at the time of release.

And I can advise against that holiday choice ;o)

paintergirl said...

40 is not bad. really-no hiking? I'm sad about that. Please advise! Too dark, too light, too many bugs?

Can you believe I didn't see it?
I missed out on understanding boys my age because of this film. Oh Buckaroo, I would go back in time...

Alan said...

Well, the scenery you can enjoy, the weather you might be able to tolerate, but the midgies will definitely get you. Be afraid, be very afraid...
(listen to The Midgie Song to get the full picture)

Lilly said...

PainterGirl -- do listen to the song, it's funny and it's sung by a Scot :-) [Alan says: "tell her it's not actually me who's singing"]

Also, despite Alan's warning, I would strongly recommend that you go to Scotland and check out the beautiful scenery -- it's well worth it even if you get a bite or two [Alan says something again: "I'd change that to a bite or 200!"]

[I guess this is a joint post by Alan and Lilly]

paintergirl said...

Oh the midges-I was afraid of that. Would late spring be good time before they hatch out, or is it a constant thing? I can only imagine this song.

Anonymous said...

I got 40% and thought I did horribly but then I am in 3rd place! So I rock!

Vajana said...

Anonymous? That was me! WTF?

paintergirl said...

Hey ya Jana-40 is not bad at all. I feel I made this too tough, but I'm glad everybody played!

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