15 March 2006

Beware the ides of march...

I'm in a Romanesque kind of mood. Maybe I'll wear a togo later and burn some things. The day is open.

I'm also in a honky tonk mood as well and the first person to guess the next song and who sang it will win a little prize from paintergirl. Melvin you are not allowed to play since you know this tune.

"Dim lights, big smoke, and loud loud music"

Cheers and good luck!


RitaPita said...

damn it to hell pg.

I know the next line.
and thats it.

If no one gets it I want to win on accunt of being the closest.

is the only kind of life you will ever understand

paintergirl said...

You will receive a prize no matter what because you knew the next line.

itsmelvin said...

what made you pick that song, pg? you included the title in the verse, so it's a bit of a trick question.

good job to rita for knowing the words though. must be the southern connection. i remember my dad listening to that song when i kid, but i'm pretty sure it weren't the burritos. anyone know of a country outlaw having a hit with it in the late 60s or 70s?

paintergirl said...

I am full of trick questions today. I heard it in the car, a good place for that kind of song.

paintergirl said...

Rita no one else wants to play it seems.

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