01 March 2006

The sun is down...

This photo really makes me smile. I love the idea of a huge moose walking down a driveway.

I suppose if we move upstate or to Vermont this could happen. Melvin, how do you feel about a moose in the yard?

"A moose is loose"


Rose said...

What a brave little moggy. That's a very cute photo. I would like the idea of free roaming mooses in my neighbourhood. Are they protected? That is, is there a law against shooting them. I hope so.

Lilly said...

Mooses are the best -- they kick total arse, and I do mean total arse!

Hey, PG: how are you feeling, dear?

laurenbove said...

Hope he doesn't eat miss kitty!

paintergirl said...

Rose-He is a brave little one! I don't think our dog or cat would be caught near something that size. I think they are protected, somewhat. I've heard bad stories about cars and mooses though.

Lilly-Hey ya-Ups and downs, but a little better. Talked to my mom yesterday and neither of us cried. That's progress. Started some cleaning(thanks Rose) and that helps too.

LB-I bet the cat thinks-"I can take him on!"

Vajana said...

Never seen a real moose. That is a neat one.

Hope you are doing well.

Alan said...

"Hoots mon! There's a moose, loose, aboot this hoose!"

Just living up to my fun-loving stereotype!

Lilly said...

Ow, Alan, you silly dunderheid :-D

PG: 'A little better' -- that's good news, dear :-D

itsmelvin said...

i could get into mooses (meice?). can you picture the babyman riding it?

Lilly said...

Of course you could, Melvin -- they're adorable :-D

paintergirl said...

Are there moose in Massachusets? I hope everybody like this pic. i usually don't post animals but this was so dear. There was another one with a fawn-but I started having The Yearling flashbacks.

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